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Insane. It’s a word that people regularly lift from their vocabulary while describing the driving experience of a supercar, since clearly, as means of transportation, cars of the brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini are not sane options.

But when it comes to an adrenaline-charged pulse-pounding adventure, these supercar rentals are matchless.

mph club offers a variety of extravagant supercar rentals, out of which Lamborghini Aventador S and Ferrari 812 Superfast are two of the hottest picks, as detailed by our clients.

Let’s compare these two super cars on several fronts to find out which one should you rent:

lamborghini-aventador-s-rental-vs-ferrari-812-superfast-rental-mph-club-front-view03 lamborghini-aventador-s-rental-vs-ferrari-812-superfast-rental-mph-club-front-view001



Too quick, too intense, too noisy, and too dangerous. All of these are the expressions a supercar enthusiast would never think of uttering when considering the physics-defying existence of Lamborghini Aventador S.

And yet, these are the exact kind of words your average Joe might say after driving it, or even witnessing the Aventador S in motion.

The Aventador S has been upgraded radically since the launch of its first edition — with a new and improved gearbox, rear-wheel steering, and tweaked styling, this supercar rental absolutely exceeds expectations.


Clearly, the Ferrari 812 Superfast is not a car for everyone, and in fact, you may question whether it’s a car for anyone, really. Packed with extravagant style, strength, and dynamics that speak for themselves, people love spending more than $600,000 on this vehicle, but you can get this supercar rental on a daily basis as well, at!

Ferraris have always been a top-tier choice of the premium individuals because they deliver a certain, one-of-a-kind level of exclusivity and bragging rights, which you’d have to hope a car literally called Superfast would.

If rockets are your thing, look no further. You won’t be disappointed!

lamborghini-aventador-s-rental-vs-ferrari-812-superfast-rental-mph-club-side-view001 lamborghini-aventador-s-rental-vs-ferrari-812-superfast-rental-mph-club-side-view01


• AVENTADOR S (9/10)

The performance of this unrivaled automotive masterpiece is sensationally violent, packed with a punch of 730 HP and a deafeningly wrathful 8400 rpm measure. Lamborghini says that the fine-tuning of the Aventador S gives even better torque at higher revs, but its maximum figure of 507 lb-ft is actually less than Ferrari 812 Superfast‘s 530 lb-ft.

However, the turbochargers give this supercar for rent an edge, which makes the Aventador S takes off at astronomical speeds — it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds.

• 812 SUPERFAST (8/10)

It is quite amazing to think that Ferrari can make a car that has about 800 horsepower and 12 cylinders — hence the 812 nomenclature, by the way — and it doesn’t dig a massive hole right in the middle of the road as soon as you hit the gas.

With a top speed of 211 mph and the acceleration tenacity of hitting 60 mph from 0 in just 2.9 seconds, the kind of performance this supercar rental provides makes all other cars appear feeble and miserable.

But honestly, who could ever use or need this much strength? However, the fact that you can rev an engine this ferocious and enticingly loud to 8500 rpm is a delight that would never be enough.

lamborghini-aventador-s-rental-vs-ferrari-812-superfast-rental-mph-club-roller1 lamborghini-aventador-s-rental-vs-ferrari-812-superfast-rental-mph-club-roller


• AVENTADOR S (9/10)

The dexterous Italian engineers from Lamborghini displayed a revealing sketch at the launch of this supercar rental, which spoke volumes about the design ethos of this car. It featured sharks and cobras morphed with an outline of the Aventador S that represented their approach to engineering its design.

The shark fins are utterly evident in the new and even more prominent front splitter, and the vigor hiding under the engine cover signifies the cobra.

Aside from that, the design of this supercar rental has a few touches of the classic Lamborghini Countach, and plenty of inspiration from a space shuttle’s design.

And how could you not fall for those exquisite doors? All in all, the design is precisely as elegant as it can be, without going over the top.


This supercar rental is quite enormous. And it looks even bigger when you see it in person, having a hood that you likely could use to put a roof over a small tennis court.

The Ferrari’s design team has nailed making something this huge look as good as it does. On the whole, the Ferrari 812 Superfast is 4,600 mm long, almost 2,000 mm wide, and weighs about 3,600 lbs — so it certainly has a presence.

The hood of this car seems to be flaring and looks incredible from the driver’s seat. The stormy sides and the rigid rear complete the design perfectly. This supercar rental is a grand touring rocket ship and the most imposing statement of design finesse.

lamborghini-aventador-s-rental-vs-ferrari-812-superfast-rental-mph-club-profile-view lamborghini-aventador-s-rental-vs-ferrari-812-superfast-rental-mph-club-profile-view1


• AVENTADOR S (4/10)

The Aventador S is the foremost of supercars. And although you may be gambling away your life expectancy every time you hit the throttle, it does take you from Point A to Point B in grand style.

But other than that, the interior practicality is not a selling point of this supercar rental. There are no cupholders and not enough room to store anything relatively big at all. Of course, none of this matters as the people who rent the Lamborghini Aventador S love it for the thrill and the magnificence of its performance.


The Ferrari 812 superfast has been designed with a grand touring style in mind. For a two-seater supercar you actually have ample room comfort and storage space! You even have space for two cup holders! In the exotic car community including cup holders have always been a humorous design feature.

Too often exotic car manufactures will prioritize the driving experience so much so that other more obvious features are jeopardized. Cupholders, sun-visors, glove-box are often the first to go. But not in the 812 Superfast, this supercar is ready to take on the longest road trips with speed and comfort.

lamborghini-aventador-s-rental-vs-ferrari-812-superfast-rental-mph-club-interior-view1 lamborghini-aventador-s-rental-vs-ferrari-812-superfast-rental-mph-club-interior-view


• AVENTADOR S (10/10)

Lamborghini has vastly enriched the Aventador S driving experience at low speeds with a unique rear-wheel steering mechanism, which turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the front wheels, essentially shortening the wheelbase and making driving more effortless.

At high speeds, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheels for better turn-in and handling.

Without traffic, this supercar rental delivers the sort of acceleration that takes all the air out of your body, or maybe you simply forget to breathe as your brain is too busy loving the excitement of its rides.

Driving the Aventador S is an invigorating sensation that is as addictive as it is fascinating.

• 812 SUPERFAST (10/10)

This supercar rental solemnly deserves to be called “Superfast” because driving it feels truly bonkers. This car is built as if someone made it for a dare, realized it was possibly too dangerous an idea, but made it available on the market anyway.

There is so much power behind its throttle — even with the restricted amount of it that this car allows you to access in the lower gears — it absolutely looks possible you’ll have a Need for Speed moment, if you hit the gas even a bit too hard.

There’s something beautifully old school, and traditionally Ferrari about this supercar rental that truly astonishes and intimidates you any time you’re behind its wheel.

lamborghini-aventador-s-rental-vs-ferrari-812-superfast-rental-mph-club-interior-view02 lamborghini-aventador-s-rental-vs-ferrari-812-superfast-rental-mph-club-interior-view2
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