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7 most exotic cars to rent in miami mph club blog


Top speed records, extraordinarily luxurious cabins, and horsepower wars are what get everybody talking. And, the exotic cars of today always strive to push the boundaries forward.

Outfitted with extreme power, stunning design, and advanced tech, an exotic car is among the most sought-after of all the types out there.

Exclusively stylish and fun to drive universally, here are the 7 best exotic cars you can rent in Miami for showcasing your personality and triggering the much-needed dopamine release.

1- Lamborghini Aventador SV

The Aventador SV is simply among the fastest cars in existence — but at the same time, among the most intense, vehement, and rarest too — as only 600 units of it have ever been made! But here’s the good news, you can rent one of them at the mph club!

Thanks to an enhanced naturally aspirated V12 engine geared to extreme performance and a mix of innovative technologies, the Aventador SV is designed as the sportiest Lambo ever. Never before in a Lamborghini has form followed function so gracefully. The sharp design of this exotic machine achieves the best aerodynamic results while beautifully maintaining the unmistakable look of the marque.

By renting it from the mph club, you get to savor the feel of its unrivaled horsepower and enjoy the elegance of the finest materials, masterfully crafted by the best Italian artisans.

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7 most exotic cars to rent in miami mph club blog 2

2- Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

This big, brawny bull is one of its kind. 

The insides of the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster unveil the soul of a hyper exotic car, loaded with state-of-the-art tech and built with extravagant design. To add, the Aventador S Roadster for rent that you’ll find at the mph club has prodigal amounts of carbon fiber for exuberant luxury!

With nothing but the highest quality materials in the interior and the monstrous potency of the V12 engine, the mph club’s Aventador S Roadster for rent is an explosive mix of performance, exclusivity, and mind-bending design. Don’t miss out on the experience of being in the driver’s seat of this Italian stallion — it is one of the heroes of its time.

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7 most exotic cars to rent In miami mph club blog 4


Phantom is single-minded, superabundant, and unapologetic — and why wouldn’t it be? It is the most expensive production vehicle ever made!

Rolls Royce stands for an unsurrendering outlook of rules, prejudices, and all that’s expected of it. And, the Rolls Royce Phantom takes everything to a whole another level. As the quietest and the most expensive exotic car ever, it gives you the perfect footing to create your own noise.

Savor the wild with the tame. The mph club’s Phantom for rent delivers a majestically refined ride experience so you can test the boundaries of your courage in resplendent luxury. Equal parts indulgence and status symbol, this vehicle is truly, stunningly special.

It glides across the road with velvety sleekness, pampers you like nothing else, and where mere words fall short, the mph club’s Rolls Royce Phantom for rent does all the talking.

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7 most exotic cars to rent in miami mph club blog 7


Fearless performance plus trailblazing innovation equals strength unleashed.

Black Badge is for the bold. The fearless. With legendary silhouettes intensified, the performance is enhanced. And the most audacious statement of Rolls Royce’s performance is the Black Badge series — the range that offers a driving experience ahead of this world.

Merge that with the Dawn, which is for those who contradict conformity and choose to live on their terms. The Rolls Royce Dawn is for the trailblazers, the innovators — and above all — for those who radiate courage. The amalgamation of these two, the Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge, is strength unrestrained.

Black Badge Dawn’s burliness hints at the strength that lies within. 

Composed to perfection with purity, the Black Badge Dawn simmers with prowess. You can rent this invigorating open-top four-seat luxury house on wheels at the mph club, and gift yourself a more spirited ride experience than anything else!

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Superfast. The performance of this Ferrari certainly justifies its name. By far, the 812 Superfast is the most rapid and the most powerful Ferrari yet.

Pushing the boundaries of its own achievements once again, with the 812 Superfast, Ferrari offers the most riveting driving experience possible along with stupendous aerodynamics across the board. Delivering a jaw-dropping 789 horsepower, this astonishingly swift Italian GT hits the 60 mph mark in a mere 2.9 seconds from a standing start.

Its grand tourer status becomes even more evident when you step inside and get a feel of its cabin. Especially, of the Ferrari 812 Superfast for rent that you’ll find at the mph club — it is clad with original, exquisite red carbon fiber straight from Maranello, which feels delightfully gripping.

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Bentley GT Speed is a high-performance exotic car that reins raw emotion.

It is the only vehicle with a W12 engine — an engine whose each rev unchains a staggering ripple of power that puts incredible thrill and titillation at the heart of the driver.

The blisteringly crafted powertrain of the GT Speed pairs with a state-of-the-art chassis system to add sheer pleasure to every second of your journey. Its sharp, elegant, and aerodynamic surfaces are refined with bold design details that elevate the excitement and emphasize its position as the most treasured grand tourer — one that dials up performance above all else.

You can find the dazzling Bentley GT Speed for rent at the mph club, and feel the adrenaline, accelerated.

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7- McLaren 720s

Ferociously fast, yet tactile, gorgeously built, and effortlessly functional,

the McLaren 720S is all about revolutionary performance and purpose.

Accelerating from 0 – 60 mph in an unimaginable 2.8 seconds when provoked, it sure gives the Ferrari 812 Superfast a run for its money when it comes to absolute power. However, don’t let the raw figures deceive you into thinking it’s just another high-performance-oriented British bull.

Flush with contemporary luxury and avant-garde technologies, the mph club’s McLaren 720s for rent is a delight to drive in, aside from being a rapid motoring vehicle. Should you find yourself in the driver’s seat of the 720s, just let yourself go in its rousing and revolutionary transmission, which gives you outstanding levels of mechanical grip and propels the car like an absolute rocket!

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