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What’s up, guys!

Today, we’re gonna do another review video. We’re gonna do a Corvette review video, but not this. We’ve already done a review for the C7 Z06, and we’ll link it down below.

Today, we’re gonna do the Corvette C8—the brand new mid-engine, and not just one, not just two but three Corvette C8s.

All of these Corvette’s are available to rent right now. You can reach out to mph club to get behind the wheel for yourself.

But, today, we’re gonna take these cars out on the road. We’re gonna talk about the exterior, interior, and tell you what it’s like on the road. Without further ado, let’s get into the review.

Ever since 1953, the Chevy Corvette has seen eight different design iterations, and arguably the biggest change has been from the C7 to the brand new C8.

The most notable design change is the engine configuration moving from a legacy front engine sports car to now, a mid-engine sports car. That is only part of the iteration design changes.

You’ll notice the headlights are brand new, the body lines are brand new, a new offering of rims. The interior’s been totally updated. Arguably, this is a totally different car. And, our opinion is every single change, every single update has been well received, is appreciated, and has brought new life into the name of Corvette.

So, this can fit a lot. Inside, you have an emergency release in case someone was stuck inside the front trunk. Then, moving along to the back, this reveals where you store the roof and the mid-engine.

So, this one, the 2LT trim has carbon fiber for the engine struts and then, you can see a red colored engine cap, which is pretty cool. This is another option you can pick.  

But, this storage space when it’s not holding the roof can fit a full-size golf club set. So that was kind of the design inspiration to make enough space, to carry something like a set of golf clubs catering to the main client of Corvettes, older dudes that like to go golfing.

But, another one of my favorite features is the back rack, here, is actually soft close. How cool is that! Then, before we go to the front, check this out! This is another difference in the LT trim models.

This, right here, is your reverse camera. So, on your rear view mirror, there’s a switch on the back, once you activate it, it displays this camera’s viewpoint as a screen. So, let me show you that.

Next, when you’re looking through the rear view mirror, you look through this window and out of the tiny glass window on the back of the car. But, when you flip this switch, this turns on the camera and you have a high definition TV screen, right here, showing you everything, like, wider than you could even see with a regular window. This is way better for visibility. It makes you feel a lot more comfortable in the car, and this is one of our favorite features.

Now, we are on the interior of the blue C8, and this car’s design is so driver centric it just forgets the passenger. It’s kind of awesome. We love how driver centric it is.

On the center console, you’ll find the power button right in the middle. Right above that is the fan speed, and above that is the directional air vents. So, you can have either down to your feet, to your face, or to the windshield all at the same time, or however you want.

There’s also your seat controls whether you wanted heated or cooled seats, and above that is the exact temperature control for the driver, the temperature control for the passengers all the way at the bottom here. And, what’s cool is you’ve got these two little screens that display the exact temperature.

So, moving on to the center is your drive mode shifter where you can go from Comfort to Sport to Track. Then, to the left of that is where you go from Park, Reverse, Neutral, Driving, Manual.

All these buttons are just right on top of each other. The M button at the bottom for manual is forcing you to drive with the paddle shifter. If you’re not comfortable using paddle shifters, you don’t have to use them. You can just leave yourself in Drive and it works just the same.

Here you have your cup holder and a center console. And, in the back, you actually have a wireless charger.

Okay, guys! Now, we are behind the wheel and on the road. And, I gotta say, the experience, especially with the roof down, is just incredible.

The steering, the handling of this car reminds you of, like a Ferrari. This is very similar to the Ferrari 48, and I’m not exaggerating. The handling is almost, damn near, the exact same. If you were blindfolded while driving, for some dangerous reason, you could mistake it.

The square steering reel is about as polarizing of a design option as the rest of the car was. People either love it or hate it. I personally think it’s great and even matches the rest of the, just different stylings of this car.

Okay, guys! This wraps up our review of the Chevy Corvette C8. This car is a beast. I love everything about it.

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I wanted to save this question for last. If you, guys, think that the new mid-engine Corvette now qualifies as an exotic car?

Comment down below what you think. If it’s just an American sports car like it always has been, comment that also down below.

Thanks again, guys and we’ll see you in the next review.

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