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mph club famous ferrari hood signed by celebrities

The Ferrari Hood

Our Celebrity signature collection

mph club is a well known celebrated exotic car rental brand that offers your dreams into reality. Our services are outclassed; we try our best to come up to your expectations. Car enthusiasts can choose his best dreamy car from here. We are not limited to the streets, but our cars are also part of TV screens and big screens in movie theatres. We also cooperate with you in standing out for different corporate events. Very lordly, we have all the exotics cars rentals of your favorite brands.

Travel through luxury, latest, and dreamy driving through our exotic cars. Rent our cars for any event and make it significant. Our customer’s needs are ours at priority. We always keep their needs in front of us.

Specially designed and manufactured by the Italian automaker, Ferrari 458 spider rental exceptional design with all technical specifications improvements is a combo of comfort, lightweight construction, offering the same uncompromising technological solutions and inspiring design that will take your breath away. Enriched with full carbon fiber and mat finishing front hood bonnet fit Ferrari F458. It has a UV coating, OEM fitment, and standard quality.

Oh! Have you heard about our famous mph club, Ferrari spider hood, hanging in our headquarters office in Miami?  It isn’t just an ordinary hood. So how does the Ferrari 458 spider hood catch attention, and what makes it unique? The answer? It’s Dominant features sound high-quality. It is cool not only because it is the hood from a Ferrari 458 spyder, but also because it has the signature of all the famous sports players, celebrities, and favorite people that have visited mph club. Celebrity lovers especially love this hood.

mph club ferrari hood office

Before you can go on, check there are several reasons why this hood is so famous and precious. If you are passionate about luxury and exotic cars, you would want to know which celebrity clients, famous athletes, musicians, artists, social media celebrities, etc. have signed the hood that rents exotic cars from us or hire us to get props for their music videos or movies. 

mph club ferrari hood signed by celebrities

Steve Aoki

What makes the hood more striking? When it has the signature of our favorite ‘Steve Aoki’. We are glad to share that the famous American entertainer Steve Aoki enhanced the hood’s value by signing it. It’s highly exciting to develop a relationship with one of the world’s biggest DJ’s. We work with Steve Aoki year after year, and it’s all about friendship.

steve aoki signing the ferrari hood mph club


Who doesn’t know the name of American DJ and dance producer ‘Marshmello’? We have a pleasant experience to work with Marshmello, who doubtlessly stirs the same emotions with anyone he meets and supports his music. We have experienced an old friend like meeting with Marshmello.

marshmello signing the blue ferrari hood mph club exotic car rentals


Reaching up to the level of Ozuna was a complicated task to achieve. Our team at mph club made sure that Ozuna was provided with Exotic cars matching with his event.

ozuna signing the ferrari hood from mph club


We try our best to ensure our celebrity clients with our luxury and delightful car retal services. The experience with Anuel AA, the Puerto Rican rapper and singer, was pleasant. Anuel also signed the hood that turns the hood into a masterpiece.

anuel aa signing the ferrari hood from mph club

Albert Wilson

Very delightful to share the experience of Albert Wilson with our company. You have zero margins for error, and you must execute everything correctly when it comes to Albert Wilson, and we did everything perfectly for him.

albert wilson signing the ferrari hood mph club

Dan Bilzerian

When it comes to Dan Bilzerian, successful relations with him with our company come to mind. We provided him with a fleet of exotic vehicle options for him and his team to choose from. The signature of Dan Bilzerian on our Ferrari hood makes it more special.

dan bilzerian signing the ferrari hood mph club

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

mph Club always welcomes its members to choose their tasty exotic cars. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is a man of class and refined taste, loves Miami as it is up to its expectations.

vitaly signing mph club blue ferrari hood

Memphis Depay

Our good reputation and standard quality name attract celebrity clients towards us. Memphis Depay also grabbed and chose us. We honorary served him with our splendor services.

memphis depay signing the ferrari hood from mph club

Amar' e Stoudemire

What makes the famous clients choose us? Reputation and quality. Yes! The best luxury and exotic vehicles of us make Amar’ e Stoudemire go for with mph club.

amare stoudemire signing mph club blue ferrari hood

Romero Britto

Romero Britto needs no introduction. The experience of Romero Britto with us remained pleasant. We feel very honored that this valuable personality chose us for their services

romero britto signing mph club blue ferrari hood

El Alfa

As the name of EI Alfa, it was essential to provide a luxury and exotic car that matches the status of him. As mph has its quality name, and they have all those services that you need. So, they cheered EI Alfa with its services.

el alfa signing the ferrari hood from mph club exotic car rental

Nicky Jam

Ahh! Yours and our favorite Nicky Jam has pulled towards us. Our variety of services, customer demands, and the latest cars’ latest models forced anyone to come to the mph club. These services also compelled Nicky Jam to build a relationship with us.

nicky jam signing the ferrari hood from mph club exotic car rental

Jordi Molla

Anyone who doesn’t know Jordi Molla? I think no one. Jordi Molla’s visit to our company adds honor to us. Signatures of Jordi Molla enhance the value of this hood.

jordi molla signing the ferrari hood from mph club

Floyd Mayweather

The experiences when we met Floyd Mayweather first time and provided our services was a memorable one. He is an American professional boxing promoter and former professional boxer signed “50-0 TBE TMT Floyd Mayweather” right in the middle of our hood that added one more in our collection. The experience when we met him the first time and provided him with our services was a memorable one.

floyd mayweather signing ferrari hood mph club


Sidney Royel Selby III, better known by his stage name Desiigner, has a great taste for exotic cars and he knows where to find them.

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