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mph club custom wrapped ferrari 458 rental romero britto design



Having international artists with us always enumerated an immensely charmful and memorable experience throughout our meetups with celebrities. When we talk about the “optimism and love” masterpieces then how we can forget about Romero Britto. It was not just exciting but honorable for us too for having such an iconic artist among us.

mph club ferrari 458 rental custom wrapped with romero britto design

mph club organized an amazing and prestigious pop-up art show at the Prestige Imports art gallery. Luckily, Britto is living in Miami for a long time now and that is why we got a perfect chance to meet up and collaborate with him.

Britto  does not need any introduction as his art and iconic styles are famous all around the world. He re-created various optimistic views that have been exhibited in more than 100 countries. Britto is from Brazil but he has been living in Miami for a long time. He used to make arts and crafts from his childhood.

liram sustiel and romero britto mph club

He was passionately willing to express his optimism to the world via visual representation of his unmatched masterpieces. Britto’s career took a turning point when he went to Paris and came across the exceptional masterpieces of Picasso and Matisse. Then he decided to design a few iconic styles based on warmth, optimism, and love.

Romero Britto also has been designing public art installations in Berlin and New York. He has been considered the most famous artist in history after the Happy Art Movement. This led him to various collaborations with many worldwide famous brands such as Walt Disney, Evian, Pepsi, Habro, and many more.

romero britto and the ferrari hood mph club

It was a fascinating experience for us to invite him to the Prestige Imports arts gallery. mph club has always tried to enhance brand loyalty and build a strong relationship with celebrities which never have been an easy task. But we have sworn to raise our brand identity and offer to our clients the best content. We have always collaborated with celebrities in such a way that we can have long term partnerships based on quite interactive events and interesting projects.

We always thrive to organize crazy and cool events for you. Thus, we always interact and collaborate with the celebrities you love. That is how we enhance the ambiance, excitement, and joy among our audience. You will always see some special guests with us who are always in the limelight. Different production companies just love to work with us and various models of our company can be seen in all types of movies and commercials. We just love to invite your admirable artists, athletes, influencers, and other celebrities. So, Romero Britto is one of our special guests with exceptional artistic capabilities and we are willing to develop a long-term and fruitful partnership ahead.

romero britto at prestige imports pop up art gallery mph club exotic car rental


So, when a legend like Britto arrives at your doorstep, then something different must happen astonishingly. We believe that special guests must be treated with extraordinary services and Britto has been the most famous artist because of the happy art movement as well as considered the only licensed artists throughout the history. We had been thinking to collaborate with him as he is living in Miami for a long time and working with many charity organizations and offering them resources. This made him humbler and more respectful among his fans.

It was so much excitement for us to see him touring our club and exploring his interests. Our joyful journey with Romero Britto begins when he steps into the club in a quite jolly and excited mood. He particularly took interest in Ferrari and Lamborghini. We had a cool and different kind of interaction with him due to his friendly personality. We greeted him passionately and did our best to make sure that it proves to be a memorable tour for him. Our logistics and brand loyalty always enact that we should plan the best management and support for our clients so that they can freely enjoy our company, art, and exotic cars. The success of our event depends on the peace of mind and comfort that our guests will enjoy under our club.

With this spirit, we made Prestige Imports Art Gallery a wonderful and soothing place for our most talented artist Britto. 

It was an awesome experience to see one of our Ferrari rentals wrapped with Britto’s design, the colors and patterns he chose were perfect.
Guests at the pop-up art gallery  were amazed with such amazing fusion from Britto’s art and our Ferrari.

romero britto and liram sustiel mph club exotic car rental


We had an awesome photoshoot with him, and he was giving the best shots generously in a jolly mood. He just loved to take pictures with a cute puppy while sitting over our Ferrari 458 spider. You may watch this fascinating and amusable experience in the video below. We had a couple of talks with him for a few minutes, then he congratulated us on our success, and he showed his gratitude towards us.

This Ferrari 458 Spider rental enumerates open-air experience with amazing design and flexible drive. It’s an italic exotic type of car with 562hp. It also has one petrol engine and a compression ratio of 12.5:1. It comes with a supercharger, dual-clutch, 2-seater convertible, and many more exceptional features.

The most exciting part of the event was surely his signature on our famous Ferrari hood. Initially, we were reluctant to ask him for a signature, but he was very open to it and pleasantly came over and signed our Ferrari hood. Interestingly, it has also been signed by very famous artists and celebrities such as Steve Aoki and Floyd Mayweather.

The kind words and appreciation of our guests brighten our spirit and show us hidden ways to collaborate with them in the long run. It is a perfect gift for us by these inspiring and humble celebrities who also love to cooperate with us.

Romeo Britto’s visit to us and his generous attitude truly reflected that we will be having a long-term partnership.

mph club is looking forward to organize the further wonderful and flawless destination events with unique and authentic opportunities for partnership with such amazing celebrities.

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