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What’s up guys, there’s something really special. We’re going to review the Rolls Royce, Cullinan Rental and at mph club, we’ve got tons of luxury and exotic vehicles for rent. This is one from our fleet. We’re going to show you all the features, talk about some of the specs, some of the super special features that are included only in Rolls Royce models.

And we hope you enjoy it.

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It’s a beautiful day in Miami Beach or the Fontainebleau hotel where the mph club is located on the property. If you’re ever staying here and want to drop off or pick up a vehicle it’s super convenient, but onto the star of the show, the 6.75-liter V12 Rolls Royce engine is a monster, delivering 538 horsepower, and the power is distributed like butter. You can’t tell you have so much power because the air suspension system is so incredible. What we’re going to do now is get behind the wheel, take it on the road and show you just how incredible it is. Let’s go.

This is the Cullinan Rental, the V12 that you can’t hear at all, which is super weird. The other V12’s we drive like the Aventador Rental and the Aventador S Rental, Man, that engine is so loud. It’s like, all you can hear, you can’t even think, but in here, it’s just silence and serenity. This actually feels like you’re on a cloud.

The Cullinan is the most comfortable vehicle I’ve ever driven. Like I’ve driven the other luxury and exotic vehicles that we have in the fleet, but there’s something special about Rolls Royce. I can’t quite explain just how smooth the drive is. I don’t necessarily know if the person who buys and purchases their own Cullinan, obviously can afford to be driven anywhere, but the driving experience and an SUV like this are incredible.

I feel like maybe the person who buys the component might be driving it themselves just out of pure enjoyment. Unlike, the Phantom, where the Phantom you were being driven, you’re being driven around like British royalty. This luxury SUV It’s super enjoyable being driven, and to drive. On Miami Beach, there’s a ton of exotic and luxury cars, but this one really stands out. This vehicle is brand new. Not a lot of people have it yet. There’s not a lot, even in the States at the moment, but this catches a lot of eyes. So when you’re driving a Lamborghini Rental, of course, you get a ton of curbside appeal, but this is different. When people pull up next to this car, they know whoever’s driving that is either super important, crazy wealthy, or like, it’s just, it’s a different kind of curbside appeal, but super luxurious. I love this luxury truck.

rolls royce cullinan rental front mph club


Now we’re going to experience what it’s like to be driven in the back of Cullinan.

This middle piece actually comes down. You’ve got two cup holders here. You have full control of the media, radio, navigation, everything you need. And just thinking about these star lights reminds me of the starlight spotlight videos that mph club puts out. If you’ve seen some of them and you want to see other celebrities, make sure to comment down below who you’d like to see us interview next. Being driven in the Cullinan is similar to being driven in Phantom Rental. There is no way that people from the outside world can look in and see who’s back here at the tints are too dark. You can’t hear anything that’s going on because it’s so luxurious. There are over 300 pounds of sound suppression technology. So it’s super-insulated.

We’re right now on a really busy road with a ton of tons of traffic. And you can’t hear anything. You hear a pin drop and you can even meditate here. So, it’s a really special experience. This suspension back here literally feels like butter.

And on top of all the super luxurious materials, you also have this vent down here by your feet. So you are perfectly cooled coupled with all these materials. It really does feel like a first-class seat. Driving it, the suspension system is super prevalent. You just realize, because you can see everything you’re driving over and you feel better yet. You don’t feel any of those bumps, either. The things that you’re seeing, you’re going over, it’s like it doesn’t exist. And it’s so nice. It’s a little odd at first if you’re not used to it. You kind of feel disconnected from the road in a sense. It feels like. It really does feel like you’re on a cloud.

I know I say that a lot when I’m trying to talk about rolls Royces, but I don’t know a better way to describe just how luxurious the suspension makes you feel.

In 2007, Rolls Royce debuted its first starlet headliner in the Phantom. It came with 800 lights and the popularity of this option was insane. And now, Rolls Royce as a brand is just synonymous with these starlet headliners and at mph club, we also love them. It’s one of my favorite features of this car. It’s already a perfect vehicle, but it’s even more perfect because of these Starlights.

What you might not know, the Cullinan actually has a shooting star feature. It’s a little Easter egg hidden in the design of this starlet headliner. And I’m going to show you right now, but before I do, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to mph club on YouTube. Here we go. I don’t know if you could see, but there are shooting stars every once in a while, you’ll catch it.

But from the driver’s seat, you have full control over the headliner, also you can turn the lights on and off, and can turn up and down the intensity of the star lights so you can dim them to be just barely present. You also have full control of the lights in the front and the back of the cabin. So, you have your personal light, you have the whole cabin light.

One of the coolest features in the Cullinan and that I’ve only seen in this car is this 3d animated backup screen. So it displays where you’re at physically and you can rotate around the car and it animates everything. So it’s like, you’re instantly put into a video game. Check this out. All you have to do is spin the spirit of ecstasy to change the camera angle, and you can see everything around you.

It’s just like a video game. It’s crazy.


Okay, Today, I’m going to show you how to pair your smartphone to the Rolls Royce Cullinan. The Bluetooth.

What you’re going to want to do is open up your Bluetooth settings, scroll all the way down to other devices. And then after you’ve clicked on “pair new device” on the Cullinan, this should show up as RR14578, that’s the specific code for our Rolls Royce Cullinan Rental. And it should be discoverable, now. Once you select it, there’ll be a pairing code that’ll also display on the screen. Once you click “pair”, we should be good to go. You can allow contacts to sync if you’d like. So when people call you and you’re driving, it’ll display and you’re all set. You can play your Bluetooth audio now.

Okay, guys, this completes our review of the Rolls Royce Cullinan. This vehicle is insane. And in this video, we showed you what it’s like to take it out on the road, what it’s like to drive it, what it’s like to be driven in it. And just some of the features that make this car so special. It’s got to be my favorite in the fleet right now.

However, we’re constantly adding new vehicles to the mph club fleet. So next time you’re in Miami or South Florida, or really anywhere in the country because we offer delivery and shipment, reach out to us for your next luxury or exotic car rental. If you like these videos, please give us a thumbs up, and comment down below which car you’d like to see us do next.

And thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next review.

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