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Offering our services to a celebrity is always a mark of distinction for us, and if the person is one of the best rappers of the decade, it is for sure a milestone! If you are an admirer of rap and hip hop music, you must know about one of the finest rappers of this decade, Michael Ray Stevenson, a.k.a. Tyga. He is an American songwriter, rapper, and television personality. He has been a fan’s heartthrob for the past two decades, and his fame is just rising piece by piece, and so are his career achievements.

liram sustiel and tyga mph club

Tyga rose to fame in 2007 when he released his first mixtape, “Young, on Probation”. After that, he then took on a record deal with the leading record labels of that time, GED. (Getting Educated Daily) Inc., which helped him grow his career further. Many of his albums have made it to Billboard’s Top 100 albums of the year for 13 years. People love every album he has released, and this has earned him millions.

tyga in ferrari 812 superfast rental from mph club


When Tyga comes to Miami, he always looks for the best when it comes to luxury and exotic cars and mph club has bestowed the honor of catering for his transport needs. mph club has had the privilege of providing its services to many celebrities in the past. We are always prepared to accommodate them in this beautiful city, luxuriously.

Keeping up with a celebrity’s schedule is a hectic task, and our efficient team still manages to run things smoothly and provide a luxurious experience to our customers. The moment his jet landed at Fontainebleau Aviation Executive Airport, our team was waiting for him with a range of luxury and exotic cars.

liram sustiel and tyga at the fontainebleau aviation mph club

He was also kind and humble enough to put down his signature on our celebrity Ferrari hood. It is no ordinary hood, as this has the signatures of all the stars that have used our services. We keep them as a memory of our pleasing customers. While signing the hood, Tyga started recognizing some signatures on it which belonged to our previous celebrity customers. He was very impressed and asked us to keep on the excellent work. He also gave us the honor to provide him with some of the best and luxurious cars.



The first car, which added to his fleet, was none other than the Ferrari 812 Superfast. This two-seater supercar is an excellent choice when you want a car with luxury and speed. Its V12 engine with 700 horsepower will give you pure bliss and nothing below. It is a true supercar that fulfills all the requirements for class and comfort. As you can see, it was a bold choice by Tyga to choose this car.

The Italian built interior of this sports car rental is just stunning and exquisite. Its striking exterior also instantly captures the attention of the viewer. And, this luxurious car is just a glimpse of the treasures mph club holds for its customers. Another surprising fact about this supercar is that it has a pervasive amount of space in its trunk, which is very useful if you have some heavy luggage with you. It is a kind of open area not often observed in any supercar.

tyga in a ferrari 812 from mph club

Another choice of ride by this staggering rapper was the astonishing Rolls Royce Phantom. Rolls Royce is a brand recognized for its luxury and class, and Rolls Royce Phantom does not disappoint. The luxury car has a mind-blowing and remarkable interior design that leaves the passenger mind boggled. mph club has a history of providing its customers with stunning and comfy rides, and the Phantom, without doubt, lives up to the legacy. The car’s smoothness is uncanny as the passenger feels as if he is floating over the road! This ride’s splendid exterior automatically gives away a posh and noble look that fits perfectly at this magnificent rapper. It is the most deluxe and technologically advanced model of the Rolls Royce to date.

tyga with lamborghini aventador s and ferrari 812 from mph club

To intensify this luxurious convoy of supercars comes none other than the Range Rover HSE. This gallant ride offers both decency and pleasure so that you can use it for business as well as social purposes. Moreover, unlike other range rovers, this model provides LWB (Long Wheel Base), which results in an extra 8 inches of leg space! So now you ought not to be concerned about comfort. In addition to that, its oxford leather seats and breathtaking interior design are what makes it superior to any other range rover. The ride’s elegance speaks for itself, and just like other supercars that the mph club offers, its performance is top-notch. The car’s adaptive cruise control system provides reassurance to the passenger that they are sitting in the best of best. The sporting vehicle is made for five-seater, thus making it the world’s most luxurious SUV.

tyga ferrari 812 superfast from mph club

Tyga used this grand convoy of 3 supercars during his stay in Miami. And keeping up our legacy of pleased customers, we did not leave him disappointed. We were delighted to know that we could make the celebrities stay in Miami comfortable and luxurious because this is what we do here at the mph club. mph club offers the finest fleet of supercars rental from the world’s incredible and most luxurious brands such as Ferrari, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, McLaren, Lamborghini, etc.

tyga in a red lamborghini aventador s from mph club

mph club is the finest among businesses offering chauffeur services. Our chauffeurs are highly trained and are considered professional in their field. In addition to that, we offer many other elite facilities for our customers. We recommend our regular customers a membership program so that they can avail of our unsurpassed services with some extra perks! mph club is no more just a business; it has become a luxurious car rental brand. Therefore, we recommend you try our luxury services to experience why the mph club is the best.

tyga in ferrari 812 superfast from mph club
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