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The term supercar, which can be used synonymously for an exotic car, is said to describe a sports car that’s high in performance and offers extravagant luxury as you step in.

However, the exact definition is subjective.

Some may say what makes a car a supercar is its limited availability, while others will zero in on acceleration and top speed as their criteria

Autocar, the world’s oldest and most-renowned automobile magazine cites numerous definitions of a supercar but ultimately gives in to the subjectivity of the question. As per them, whether or not a car is a supercar comes down to blind prejudice. A supercar is more about your mindset than the car’s specs. If it makes your eyes pop and jaw drop, then yes, it is a supercar.

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If you look at each car that’s regarded as a supercar, you’ll find that all of them have some things in common.

A factor that immediately comes to mind is speed, in fact, both the aspects of top speed and acceleration.

  • If a car’s top speed and acceleration specifications are good enough to leave most other cars in the dust — it is a sports car.
  • If a sports car’s top speed and acceleration specifications are good enough to leave most other sports cars in the dust — it is a supercar.
  • If a supercar’s top speed and acceleration specifications are good enough to leave most other supercars in the dust — it is a hypercar.

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Thus, based simply on speed, there’s a hierarchy that commences with sports cars and ends with hypercars, with supercars being the high-performance middle.

That said, there are no universally agreed-upon confines and divisions on the term supercar. Many high-performance cars aren’t widely regarded as supercars, even though their top speed and acceleration are on par with other supercars

Especially for a supercar for rent, the feel behind the wheel, the use of unprecedented technologies to refine the driving experience, and the pricing or rarity also play a role in giving a car the supercar label.

So finally, to answer the central question — a high-performance car that’s likely to hold most people spellbound is a supercar — which, in turn, depends on an individual’s definition.

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As we’ve already mentioned in different words, what distinguishes a supercar as something more than a run-of-the-mill sports car is usually going to be a question of degree. 

General sports cars are elegant, luxurious, and high-performing vehicles, but when investigating the difference between supercars and sports cars, the supercar will always win out. In every aspect. 

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Additionally, how fast the car is, what echelon of aerodynamic engineering is at play, and what’s under the hood also chime in. Even things like availability and price tag can be factors.

In the past, American muscle cars were considered supercars. However, nowadays, no one is going to confuse a relatively modest Ford Mustang with a Lamborghini Aventador S. Similarly, a Porsche 911 is notably more commonplace than a Ferrari 812 Superfast, which will lead some to call the Porsche 911 a sports car and the 812 Superfast a supercar due to limited production numbers.

All in all, there remains a subjectivity in the term.

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By now, you know that upon hearing the term supercar, one can expect the vehicle to be special, perhaps even a rarity that can accelerate rapidly enough to give you Fast & Furious vibes. 

Added to that, upon hearing the term hypercar, one can expect the vehicle to be a cream of the crop supercar — one of the top-performing automobiles on the planet. The key supercar and hypercar differences are performance, design, and rarity.

A supercar is a top-notch vehicle, but a hypercar surpasses the supercar standards by pushing automobile boundaries to unprecedented levels, as well as usually being produced in limited quantities.

Thus, while the supercars seem to adopt an incremental approach to design by taking the most state-of-the-art aerodynamic tech and making it somewhat better with every release, the hypercars seem to do something wholly new that makes the world set its sight on to them.

Red Lamborghini Aventador S roadster rental and blue Lamborghini Aventador S roadster rental mph club

For example, in 2013, when Ferrari launched the LaFerrari — the idea of a car equipped with the F1-derived HY-KERS system in material form — the entire automobile world was taken by shock as this notion was perceived impossible to be embodied in reality. That is what exactly made this supercar a hypercar.

The cars with groundbreaking innovative designs like coupling a naturally aspirated V12 engine with an electric motor, implementing the Formula 1 technology into the design specifications of a regular off-racetrack vehicle, or offering stupendous performance with surprising efficiency — are all hypercars. 

Furthermore, the top speeds and acceleration of hypercars are more eminent than those of supercars, simply because of the hypercars’ commitment to attaining what was previously conceived unattainable.

For example, with a top speed of 205 mph and the tenacity of going from 0 – 60 mph in just 3 seconds, the Ferrari 488 GTB is no sluggard. But, if you take a look at the hybrid SF90 Stradale, with a top speed of 217 mph and the capability of accelerating from 0 – 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds, it is significantly faster. The former is a supercar, while the latter, a hypercar.

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Hypercars are the best of the best, while supercars are the best of the rest. And when it comes to Sports Cars, they are high-performing cars that give a hiding to the average on-road cars but still, don’t make it to the absolute A-list.


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