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Visiting any city is fun, but Miami is a city that will grab you with its sparkling glamour and trap you in its spell. First and foremost, Miami is glamorous, and there are some exciting things to do in Miami but spend some time looking into what is below the surface. Or flow into the Miami style and enjoy the beauty. If you think about Miami, you probably think about a sandy beach with a bright sun. Miami Beach is Miami’s best place to absorb rays on a beach, and it is a key to the beauty of the region.

When visiting any country or city, you should require some specific information about the famous and most visited places you want to see and experience, but the main problem that you can experience is your lack of knowledge about the transportation in that particular city and being not familiar with the route you are taking to reach your destination, especially if it is your first time. When you plan your visit to Miami you ask yourself… What are the popular places to visit in Miami? Miami is a city that needs to be explored in style and luxury and here is where mph club exotic car rental Miami comes to play. We can provide you with the latest luxury and exotic car rentals in Miami and we can also help you with recommendations about the most popular places to visit either if is to have a great dinner experience in a fancy restaurant, or to relax in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


When you are in Miami you can’t miss visiting Wynwood Walls. It is an outdoor museum that presents works of the most renowned street artists in the world. On the nearby streets, warehouses with crafts and quirky art galleries have transformed. You will be the center of attention when you arrive at your destination while driving a Lamborghini rental Miami, or a Ferrari rental Miami. Enjoy the adrenaline rush fuelled by the love as you fill a Lamborghini with your excellent companions.

If you’re looking for enterprise luxury car rental Miami for an exciting all-inclusive travel experience then mph club is ready to offer you a stress-free, quick, and sophisticated travel experience on your incredible journey. We go above and beyond every day so that you can experience the most luxurious rental rides with trustworthy drivers. We offer you a fantastic extravagance to both business and leisure trips while you are being driven by one of our professional chauffeurs.

Let the stress behind and let us take you anywhere you want to go.


The trip to little Havana in Miami, Cuban district, is known more for its cultural scene than for its abundance of tourist attractions. The streets are lined with restaurants and food specialties, and the air is running through Latin music. In open spaces, local people socialize. Murals grace the building walls, with notable Cuban characters and everyday scenes. Calle Ocho is the main street through the district that hosts most events, but Little Havana extends well beyond the streets and avenues so, book a ride and exceptionally enjoy with us. 

Little Havana is the perfect place to drive an exotic convertible car rental Miami, you will be exposed to the nice weather we always have here, you will be able to smell the aroma of the authentic Latin food that covers the area and you will hear the rhythms and beats of the bands playing Latin music.


Close to Downtown you can visit Bayside Marketplace, with over 150 specialty and visitor shops, a range of cafés, restaurants, and a regular entertainment venue. There are several famous chain stores and several exclusive ones of a kind location for visitors. Our company is proud that we provide travelers and visitors with one of the best transport services in Miami to take you to your destination. mph club maintains that it interacts well and gives its customers a humble approach. With the unique and exclusive luxury car rental, mph club intends to accelerate the process of Miami tourism. mph club Miami provides splendid and exotic rental, rent your dream vehicle that is the perfect ride to reach your destination

With mph club you have the opportunity to drive a exotic car rental every weekend of the year, with our membership you have access to  the best exotic and exclusive car rental at reduced rates. mph club members are among the lucky few seated behind the wheel with only one booking of the world’s most famous supercars rental

A fan of a sports car feels impressed when he is driving a collection of top exotic cars. It is more than just an mph club member entering a brand. It is your opportunity to drive a supercar in Miami every weekend of the year.


Another very popular place to visit while in Miami is South Beach, situated at the southern end of Miami Beach. This vast area of the beach faces the sea in the same name district. Often crowded in summer, this is Miami’s most famous beach and one of Florida’s best beaches. It is also a place to see and swim and take in the low waters, get away from the heat, and immerse the sun. So here we are, to bring you a lifetime experience, and giving you the opportunity to be behind the wheel of the most impressive supercars rentals while you discover the city.

There is a lot to do in the Miami Beach area on a relaxed day in the beautifully renovated buildings in the Art Deco District. Admiring the pastel painted buildings in the garden is a perfect place to have a meal for lunch. The Art Deco District comes to its own after dark with its neon signs and canopy-covered restaurants. Or the Vizcaya and the Gardens Museum are worth visiting with their outstanding architecture, landscape, and artworks. 

The Renaissance villa is packed with the most beautiful European furnishings and arts and has 34 rooms arranged around an impressive court. All you can enjoy by reaching your destination on time with the help of our miami exotic rental cars

So if you want to explore Miami Beach, or maybe you want to go to the Design District to shop, have dinner at one of the many awesome restaurants in Wynwood, we have the perfect luxury or exotic car rental Miami for you. Enhance your visit in Miami getting to your destinations in style while driving one of our Lamborghini for rent, McLaren for rent, or one of our Ferrari for rent. Contact mph club to discuss your exotic car rental needs.

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