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What’s up everybody? My name is Robert with mph club and we’re back with another review today. We’re at the SLS in South Beach, which is another one of mph club’s many locations. So if you’re staying at the hotel, you can pick up or drop off vehicles with ease.

Today, we have the Lamborghini Urus Rental, which is not Lamborghini’s first SUV, but it might be the first super SUV ever produced. This car has incredible features, puts out crazy stats. And today we’re going to take it on the road, tell you what some of the options are and how we feel about it, and show you how much fun you can have when you rent the Lamborghini Urus. Let’s go.

robert rushing from mph club reviewing the lamborghini urus

Okay, guys, we’ve taken the Urus to Miami Beach. Talk a little bit about the design. Found throughout all Lamborghini models, is the same geometrical shaping and the Urus is no different. You’re going to find a lot of similarities to the Aventador and the Huracan found throughout this, specifically the front bumper and the body lines.

So a lot of people were skeptical when Lamborghini announced they’re going to be creating an SUV, but they’ve somehow magically kept the aggressiveness of their previous models and put it into something truly special.

Moving on to the side of the vehicle, you’re going to see these gorgeous lines kind of follow all the way through the car, to the back quarter panel, where they’re met with the shoulder line. Then you’re going to notice these giant 22-inch rims wrapped in Continental rubber. You’ll probably also notice the brake calipers. These are giant carbon-ceramic breaking, and we’re going to test them out on the road right now. 

Robert: Hold on. I’m playing you through the Urus.

Daniel: Can you hear me?

Robert: Oh, wow, yup. What’s up, man? 

Daniel: Hey, what’s going on? Um, so where are you at? Still, you need some assistance? 

Robert: Yeah, man, we could totally use your help. We’re pretty close to the Fontainebleau hotel. Are you there now? 

Daniel: Yeah. 

Robert: Cool. Now we’ve got Mr. Exotics to talk about just how popular this is versus the other Lamborghini models. Do you see most of your clients taking this one or the Aventador, what do think is more popular?

Daniel: I think it all depends on the number of people that you have with you. So like if you’re coming down to Miami and you’re with one of your friends, you know, it all depends on what you’re doing. You can only bring that one person in the car, but if you’re with a group of your friends, now you can bring everybody, cause a lot of people to come down here and be like, Oh, you know, I want the most impressive car. Yeah, you have the most impressive car, but it’s usually a two-seater. So, you know, you go out with a friend of yours and you want to, if you’re a guy, most of the time, every guy comes up to the booth. Hey, what car can I get the most girls with? And it’s just like, well, what do you mean by the most girls? You only fit one in the Huracan or one in the Aventador, but you can fit four in the Urus. Right now, Miami is under full construction. So this is why you would get a Urus. Look at this, look at this pothole Haven. You know, so Urus is good for like, things like this.

Robert: The suspension’s pretty nice though. Like, you don’t notice any of these potholes, but you know, in the Aventador, I feel like I’d have to stop, take a lift up, go over something, and put it back down.

lamborghini urus rental options mph club

Daniel: Yeah. The cool part is you got a bunch of different driving modes over here. So like you can literally customize your own for how you’re driving, or the roads that you’re driving on.

Robert: I like Corsa in this car because you can be in automatic.

Yeah. And you’re in Corsa. In most of the Lamborghinis, you have to use your paddle shifters in Corsa. So it’s fun when you want to do that. But sometimes if you just want to be like lazy and let the car do all the work, you’re in sport, but it’s cool to be able to be, in Corsa in this car. I hope in the next couple of cars they do the same thing where they just make the race mode automatic. I don’t know. You know, it’s cool to have the option. Like, hey, like I feel like actually racing myself where I feel like letting the computer do all the work because the computer is on point. It’s just as loud as any other Lamborghini, especially when you’re putting it in the Corsa mode, there we go.

Robert: Dude, the cracks in the pops from the exhaust, when you’re in Corsa, Oh my God.

Daniel: That’s what I should have put it on at first. Yeah, exactly. Oh my God. And that’s what I’m talking about with the automatic. So like all that crackling and popping, you’re not doing anything but pressing your foot on the gas, and that’s it. And in Corsa, with a lot of the other cars, you have to shift and you have to do that yourself. So to be able to let the car do it is nice because it attracts attention. It feels good. It sounds good. And especially when you’re paying this much money for a car, you know, I want ventilated seats in Miami. Do you know what I mean? I want all the bells and whistles and all the luxury features that most of these other cars have, even though I’m in a race car, I don’t want to feel like I’m in a race car when I feel like I’m in a luxury car, but at the same time, I can go fast when I want to. I want the best of all.

Robert: Yes.

Daniel: Yeah, the sunroof is cool. I don’t think I know any other Lambo with a sunroof. So that’s a cool feature. 

Robert: Does the S Roadster count or no? 

Daniel: Yeah, you’re right.

Robert: You know, um, when I was watching reviews and other people reviewing this car, they complained about the enema shifter. Because if you want to go back to strata, you have to click so many times, but if you just hold, it goes straight back.

Daniel: That’s cool

Robert: Did you know that? 

I did not know that because you want to know what? I complained about the same thing. Why does this do this? Because in all the other ones you can go up and down and whatever order.

Robert: But holding it, it goes straight back. 

Daniel: Okay. Ah, that’s clutch, I like that.

Robert: In the beginning, Lamborghini actually produced tractors. And this is not the first truck I’ve ever tried to produce. The LM one and the cheetah, which were foundational building blocks led to the LM two. This vehicle was originally meant for military use and all of that engineering and development has led to a moment like this today. The Urus is an incredible vehicle and all of this progress has led to a sound like this.

Now let’s take a look at the driving modes and tell you exactly how it feels to drive a beast like this. Now, what we’re going to do is break down this driving cluster here for someone who hasn’t driven Lamborghini before, this can be a little overwhelming, but it’s a lot easier than you think. 

So the first thing we’re going to do is to show you how to put the car in park, which is just pressing the P button right here one time, then you’ll see the letter P is displayed up top. That’s how you know, you’re in park. And then you’ll pull up on the parking brake. Once this red light is 

on, it means the parking brake is engaged. Then, to move the car back in the drive, you’ll click one of the two paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

And then you’re going to turn your attention to the Anima. Anima is Italian for “soul”, and this actually speaks to the driving mode and really does tell you what the car is like, what driving mode it’s in, and how it’s going to perform. So first you’re going to see Strata is the most comfortable, how you’re going to turn the car on. It’ll start in strata, straight off the bat. And when you’re ready to move into the sport, you’ll click the Anima down one time. Then, if you want to go back to strata, all you have to do is hold the Anima down. It’ll click straight back to the top. There’s no clicking back up. So you don’t have to click so many times to get back to strata.

If you’re in the sport, and you want to jump back quickly, all you do is hold it. Strata sport is when the power suspension, steering, and suspension have all been adjusted to be a little more aggressive. And then right under that is Corsa. Corsa is Italian for course. So it’s literally like driving on a track.

lamborghini urus macdonals mph club

Essentially, this is your track mode, and this is where you’re going to hear some really crazy exhaust pops and crackles. You’re going to have really aggressive suspension and steering and powertrain. And this is the unleashed version of the Urus. So the most fun to drive under that is Neve, which is not something we need to use in Miami, Florida.

However, this is Italian for snow. So this is driving in a safer, sort of manner where your traction control will engage sooner and your throttle response is slightly more delayed just to make sure that you never have any wheels spin. So, those are all the driving modes for the Urus, but then directly on the other side of the cluster, you have ego mode. When you engage Ego mode, this is your own custom driving mode.

So you’ll have these three buttons here, and this is how you can adjust the powertrain, steering, and suspension. So you can get it exactly how you want.

So the Aventador is an actually aspirated V12 engine and the Huracan is a naturally aspirated V10. This is a twin-turbo V8 that produces 641 horsepower.

It kicks out 621 pound-feet of torque. This engine is incredible and it feels as light as a sports car with all the utility of an SUV.

Okay, so now what we’re going to do is test out the exhaust system and the different driving modes. But before we rev it, don’t forget to give us thumbs up on this video.

Okay, guys, this completes our review of the Lamborghini Urus. This vehicle is incredible. And today I was super impressed with the power and the torque that you can feel behind the wheel of this thing. Lamborghini’s come a long way since the LM two. This is truly a super SUV in a category of all of its own it’s really has nothing on the Bentayga, it’s a totally different car from the cayenne. This is something truly special. And if you’re ever in South Florida, reach out to the mph club to try it out for yourself. 

If you like these videos, please give us a thumbs up and comment down below on which review video you want to see next. Thanks again, and see you in the next video.

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