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Those who follow mph club know some of the culture behind all of the exotic cars. But even if you follow all of our social media channels you might have missed our newest company mascot. You might have been looking right at it without even noticing. The big black tow truck is now an integral part of the mph club team and operation. The truck serves many important purposes and functions. Other than providing convenient transportation for clients, This truck allows us to transport vehicles without adding on any additional miles. This also allows us to further protect the vehicles we are delivering to clients. 

As you probably know, vehicles are depreciating assets which lose value over time. This means every time miles are added to a car the vehicle slowly loses its value. This same principle applies to exotic vehicles but at an exponential rate. For every mile you add to your average  Honda Civic you might lose fifty cents in value. But every mile you drive in a Rolls Royce Phantom might cost you 3-5 dollars in value. You can imagine how this adds up fast when driving these vehicles everyday.

Introducing the tow truck…

This unique Dodge tow truck is a Ram 5500. Having this truck adds A LOT of value to our business. This saves us from putting extra miles on our luxury and exotic vehicles, limiting liability and risk, and adding a moving billboard to our marketing plan. On top of that, the truck adds a level of professionalism that gives clients further trust and confidence in the mph club brand. This value is passed down through the company and to the client experience. Now, unloading your luxury or exotic vehicles is now a part of the rental experience. Lights and sounds literally put on a show for the client as they watch their rental vehicle descend to the road in front of them. The spectacle inspires clients to pull out their own smartphones to capture the moment. The branding and design on this truck will see the social media channels of many clients and bystanders.

This adds to the list of things to look forward to when renting a luxury or exotic vehicle from us. The quality of vehicle selection has always been one of the biggest reasons, the world class customer service which sets the industry standards, and now the tow truck carrying your special delivery straight to your front door. Every moment of your reservation should be as exciting as the first moment when you first press the ignition. Next time you’re driving down the highway and see a big black tow truck carrying an insane luxury or exotic vehicle, you might be looking at the newest edition to the mph club family.


To serve our clients better, mph club welcomes its Ram 5500 tow truck, which will enable us to deliver your desired exotic and luxury car right to your doorstep.

Your chosen Ferrari, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Mclaren or Bentley cars will reach your doorsteps at your desired time and date. You are sure that you’ll be the first one to get the engines running and roaring when it reaches you as their condition is maintained because they just laid in our Ram 5500 the whole transport time.


Our tow truck service is pretty straightforward. After picking the car you want to rent and you live far from our office, you can request the tow truck service, and we’ll deliver your rented car to you. 

Browse and take a look at the exotic and luxury cars in our fleet here, or you can also visit our YouTube channel and social media accounts to get a live look at how our cars run. Then, give us a call at 888-674-4044 to arrange your exotic car rental and delivery. 

Provide us your address, delivery time and date and wait for your ride’s arrival.


We decided to have the Ram 5500 and tow truck delivery service because of the plenty of advantages it brings us and to our clients. 

Most car companies would have third party towing service, which can add costs to you, or simply don’t give the same care we do to the exotic cars they are transporting. Here at mph club, we give this service thinking in the convenience of our customers and the care of our exotic and luxury cars. We want our delivery truck to hit the road and practice its engines, and we also want us to be known across the country and make more car fanatics’ dreams come true. Hence, we are willing to drive anywhere you are while we flaunt our exotic and luxury cars on the bed of our Ram 5500 delivery truck and our mph club logo printed on our truck. Our delivery truck becomes a billboard on wheels, and our exotic and luxury car rental service is advertised as we drive.


A classic renting routine starts with getting to see the cars in our fleet in our office, choosing which one caught your attention and matches your style, then driving away with your chosen car to the other state where you are located or where you’ll use it. 

You do not need to do this anymore. We are accessible now more than ever with our online and social media presence, you can get a virtual tour and see our cars online. Moreover, you can call us or contact us online if you decide to rent. The highlight now since we have our Ram 5500 delivery truck, we’ll take the car to you while you sit back and relax while waiting.

Other car renting companies do not have the tow truck service yet. Hence, when you rent cars, you are required to pick them up, which could give you the hassle especially when you live in another state. 

More so, others even have your car towed by a third party company or by you, which can be of great hassle and could also add worry to you because it might damage the car you rented. 

We take this stress away through our delivery service. You do not need to tow your car or have another tow it for you—we’ll handle it.


Other towing companies have scheduled deliveries, so if you schedule a towing or car delivery service, your desired time and date may be compromised. This isn’t going to work especially if you have a tight schedule and you need it to be delivered as soon as possible. 

When you rent with us here at mph club, you can skip that worry of waiting for your most desired ride because our delivery truck is our own, and it is just parked in our office waiting for the next car aficionado to have their exotic and luxury car delivered. Let us know about your preferred delivery time and date, and we can arrange our schedule for you.

Once you have picked the time and date of your car delivery, you can expect it to reach you at the agreed time. Our team is always punctual, if not early. 

Like the glorious cars in our fleet that have the most advanced technology, our Ram 5500 is also not left behind. Our delivery truck is equipped with the Traffic Plus technology that allows us to see the best route to take to reach you. It shows congested and clear routes, so we’ll know which roads to take. High tech!


Some car shipping and towing companies work at a quota, so they sometimes conduct their service in a rush, affecting its quality. The towing and shipping can be done quickly because there is another car lined up to be towed after you. This can leave the service with low quality because they are after the quantity to reach their monthly towing goals. More importantly, you are in constant fear that the classy and sleek exotic car you rented may end up damaged after the towing and transport service. 

Here at mph club, we always make sure quality and safety come first. We want your cars to reach you in perfect condition. Also, we do not have a quota and we only cater to delivering the cars in our fleet, so we won’t rush our car delivery.


Our team is trained in car moving, so they know how to handle the cars and the mounting equipment to get the car to our Ram 5500. We do not rush. We are after ensuring that the car is secured in the truck from our office to your home. 

Our Ram 5500 is also equipped with the Travel Link technology, which allows us to see the weather forecast on the day of the delivery. Hence, we can do proper preparation to ensure that its flawless look when it leaves our office will be the same appearance you’ll get when it reaches you.


We offer our tow truck service anywhere you are around the US, which means that even if we are in different states, we can deliver your car to you. This service inclusion has a lot of advantages. 

Primarily, it can save you the time and effort of visiting our office to pick up your car. Next, your desired car can remain in flawless condition because you do not need to drive it from our office to your state and your destination. We do not add mileage to your car. Of course, this also means that you can save a lot of costs in gas with all the driving and save it to the occasion you plan to use our cars. 

No need to worry about basically—anything. This is the main reason why we offer our delivery  service. We just want you to focus on our exotic cars and the experience of driving and leave the worry of transporting your cars. We want your routine to be as simple as giving us a call, picking your desired car to be rented, wait for it to be delivered to you then drive. 

If you are still not convinced you should take this additional perk, and you still have other options in your mind, let us tell you why you have the best offer through our exotic car delivery service.

Availing our Tow Truck Service has a lot of advantages, but in a nutshell, it is mainly for your convenience.

Contact us at  for inquiries a 888-674-4044 bout our Tow Truck Service. Want to take a look at how we prepare cars to be delivered? Visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Instagram.

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