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Marshmello undeniably stands out not only with his music but also with his fashion and style choice. Any DJ can play and mix music, but not all DJ can do it with the signature marshmallow has. We, at mph club, are delighted to have him as one of our celebrity clients. 

We were delighted to see him with this signature style when we met him. It’s cool to see him have this style in his music videos, but it is way cooler meeting him in person and still wearing his mask. We know that only a person that has a strong stance on his personality and brand would fearlessly and ecstatically do this.

marshmello logo lamborghini rental rolls royce rental mph club exotic car rentals

We were right to give Marshmello only the best ride to match his dauntless and self-celebrating character. Our Lamborghini Aventador is unapologetically awesome. Its exterior can get anyone staring. Inspired by the raging bull, this Lamborghini embodies strength and power. In the interior, they are stylish and classy. Of course, the engines will never fall short with the impression of strength you get at first glance. It lives to your expectation of a Lamborghini signature ride.

The Rolls Royce Dawn is on par with what Lamborghini can offer, if not better. This car is  simplistic but sophisticated—a perfect match for the Marshmello logo. The logo and the car complemented each other as if they are meant to go together.

marshmello rolls royce phantom rental mph club exotic car rentals

Our Lamborghini and Rolls Royce cars were driven by Marshmello during the Miami Music Week 2018, an annual weeklong event with lots of celebrations and parties. Any special event, especially those happening only once a year, should be matched by a perfectly superior car. 

MMW2018 was historic as it was packed with different artists like the Swedish House Mafia, Will Smith, Paris Hilton and Marshmello who shared their music live. Our team at mph Club made sure that Marshmello was provided with cars that match the event.

marshmello and liram sustiel lamborghini aventador rental mph club exotic car rentals

Here is a brief background about the Miami Music Week to show the prominence of the event. Every year, Miami Music Week is held, which brings together artists and fans of electronic dance music all over the world. It is a weeklong arrangement of varied celebrations and events from music festivals and small to big parties in different locations. The Ultra Music Festival is one of the most famous events as famous artists play their music live in more than 150,000 audiences from all over the world. This was where our newest client Marshmello needed to attend. 

On that day, we made sure that he only has the best for this prime occasion. Our Lamborghini Aventador rental and Rolls Royce Dawn rental were marked with a mask of Marshmello on its body. Marshmello’s image added a friendly vibe to our hardcore cars while still maintaining class because the photo was simplistic. The marshmallow with a smile and two X marks for the eyes is an iconic image famous in the electronic dance music world because of Marshmello is now imprinted in our equally iconic Rolls Royce and Lamborghini cars.

marshmello rolls royce dawn rental mph club exotic car rentals

We also provided another can in another event for Marshmello—this time, the BMW i8, and it falls nothing less in the previous car we provided the artist. The BMW I8 was wrapped in satin pearl white with gloss black accents. Again, it has Marshmello’s signature two black X marks for the eyes and a smiling mouth. The BMW i8 rental provided a relaxed yet luxurious  ride for the event Marshmello has attended. 

If you are familiar with Marshmello, you’ll know that most of his songs like “Alone,” “Summer,” “Find Me,” “Together” and “Blocks” have themes and stories about underdogs rising by embracing who they are and standing out by using their talents or helping others. Artists could choose a lot of themes, but Marshmello chose music that empowers, which is very much similar to what we do here at mph Club.

marshmello signing a picture for liram sustiel lamborghini aventador rental mph club exotic car rentals

Our exotic and luxury cars are every car fanatics’ dream ride, but undeniably, they are not that easy to own because of their expensive price. However, riding and driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Rolls Royce or McLaren is now more possible with our exotic car rental. With minimal fees, you can drive any exotic car in our fleet. Our services are also tailor-fitted to our clients’ needs, so you can expect convenience in all your transactions. 

Marshmello is also passionate and excellent in his craft. These same characteristics, we can say mph club always had. It is our passion for exotic and luxury cars that push us to be excellent in our field. We make sure that all the cars in our fleet are state of the art and just what our car aficionado clients are looking for.

marshmello mph club exotic car rental

That is why when we met Marshmello, it was a perfect match because he has the same energy and brilliance as we do. Marshmello is one of the most famous DJs and electronic dance music producers of his generation. His young age did not stop him to exhibit his talent to the world. He is amazing at what he does, and it is a pleasure to work with an artist like him. 

Despite the success Marshmello has reached just like being listed as one of the most highly paid DJs in Forbes magazine or having multiple awards like multi-platinum music, he remained humble and meeting with him was like meeting an old friend. 

Because of this, we were able to give him the welcome mph club way—simple yet warm—just like how we welcome any customers that walk into our office or inquire about our exotic car rental and other services. 

marshmello signing the blue ferrari hood mph club exotic car rentals

There are many characteristics we like about Marshmello and his music, but probably the one we can relate with most is the sense of–freedom. 

Joining the MMW2018, watching Marshmello performed and seeing how the audience received his music was liberating. This ability to influence others through one’s craft is rare. Being exposed to such energy is unforgettable and surely could be considered as a paramount experience in one’s life. 

We can relate to this as we have heard testimonials and seen people’s faces light up when they visit our office and see our fleet for the first time. It even gets more exciting when the driving starts. We can testify that as we drive in our Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Rolls Royce or McLaren, and as the wind touches our face as we drive—we think of independence.

marshmello rolls royce phantom rental and lamborghini aventador rental mph club exotic car rentals

We are more than happy to work with Marshmello who undeniably stirs the same emotions with anyone he meets and supports his music. 

If you are an artist who will visit Miami or you are simply interested in renting any of the cars in our fleet, feel free to contact us at 888-674-4044 . We’ll be glad to answer your inquiries on how you can drive one of our cars or have a customized ride like the one Marshmello used. 

You can also visit our blog and YouTube channel to check other artists that availed of our services. We are proud to share that we have worked with artists like Shaquille O’neal, Floyd Mayweather and Steve Aoki.

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