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Live the Dream of Driving different Exotic Cars by Signing-Up to mph club Membership Lease Program.

What mph club Membership Program Offers:

Live the dream of driving different exotic cars every day through mph club Membership Program. Sign-up now, and you can literally drive different exotic cars every weekend of the year!

For $75,000, you can rent any car on our fleet of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Rolls Royce, and more for 100 days. Rentals are transferable and do not expire! You can rent these luxury and exotic cars for a minimum of 3 days and up to 50 days if you are renting outside the state.

Tick off the worry of transporting the car you will rent as we will ship and deliver them to your doorsteps and pick them up for you as well. Included in the Membership Program is the 5,000 miles delivery that again, never expires! If you consume this incentive, we’ll still bring the car to you for only $5 per mile.

We also got your back 24/7 if you need any roadside assistance, vehicle replacement, or towing as these are all part of the complimentary offers of the Membership Program. We also do not require a credit check, and you can expect quick and easy access and checkout to any of the cars in our fleet once you become a member.

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Why mph club Membership Lease Program is a better choice than Buying a Car?

Still not convinced and thinking twice because you are thinking of just investing your money to owning an exotic car? That’s totally understandable, but here’s our 10-cent opinion and suggestion to help you make a sound decision.

1) It is a dream come true!
The main reason why you should choose signing-up for mph club Membership Program is the fact that you can make your dream come true!

If you are a true exotic car or luxury car enthusiast, you would surely want to immerse yourself with the aerodynamics technology of  Lamborghini. The sound of a Ferarri engine isn’t just a thought in your imagination but a reality once you ride this brand.

Your Formula 1 childhood fandom comes to life once you get a hold of McLaren, you wouldn’t say no to driving dreamy Rolls Royce, right? 

We know you won’t say no to all these great rides, so we made it possible for you to drive them all!

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2) It is inexpensive, and you’ll get your money’s worth.
Another reason is inclined to practicality. Our Membership Program only costs $75,000 and you have all-access to any exotic car of your choice. You can live the dream of driving your most wanted cars at a low cost and one-time payment basis. You can also relish driving them for up to 50 days at a time.

On the other hand, for instance, a new Lamborghini can cost more than $460,000 plus all the expenses you’ll need in maintaining it is truly costly. The model also depreciates in time. Owning one is a great achievement, but wouldn’t you want to drive different kinds of exotic cars, feeling different cockpits, immersing to new vibes, experiencing different technologies, and speed every time?  

Another thing, when purchasing cars, dealers ask for a huge down payment. The rest of the payment will haunt you for eternity unlike car rentals here at mph club, you can pay one time, forget all the worries and enjoy every ride.

3) You can rent a car perfect for your needs.
Special occasions call for special luxury cars. Hence, renting becomes the best option in this case.

Do you have a business catering on different extravagant events? Match them by signing-up for our Membership Program. Let your newlyweds bask under the sun with their beaming smiles and drive our Bentley or Rolls Royce.

Are you off for challenging roads with your old high school or college pals? We have the Jeep and Mercedes Benz.

There are really endless advantages in renting luxury and exotic cars here at mph club.

membership program exotic car keys mph club

4) 24/7 hour Customer Service and Assistance Anywhere
In terms of maintaining your car, mph club Membership Program covers all the repairs and roadside assistance you need, which you will be handling on your own if you have your own car.

5) Car Delivery Anywhere, Anytime!
Drive anywhere, anytime! Are you planning to go on vacation outside your hometown and want, at the same time, to roam around that new city riding a handsome car? Have your rented exotic car delivered wherever you are! We’ll handle all the hassle for you. Just think of your own travel to your destination and your exotic car will meet you there.

6) Hassle-free payment process.
In buying a car, you’ll be exhausted doing a lot of paper works and having a lot of permits approved. Personal appearances on many occasions are also needed. Being a member of mph club car rental will keep you away from that as our Membership Program quick and easy access and checkout to your chosen car after membership. You’ll drive the car of your dreams in no time.

In a nutshell, signing-up for this Membership Program from mph club gives you both the fulfillment of driving exotic and luxury cars, assurance of help and assistance whenever needed, and financial freedom.

To give you a preview of the driving experience you’ll have in driving cars in our fleet, visit our Youtube channel.

Ready to sign-up or you have more inquiries? Contact us at 888-674-4044.

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