One of the characteristics of great businesses is their ability to adjust and thrive through the changing times. We, at mph club, always try our best to continue evolving and modifying our offers to fit your needs. With that, we now offer bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment to every exotic car enthusiast who would like to drive any of our spectacular cars. 

You may have seen the mechanisms we have developed in order to make our luxury and exotic car rental services accessible to you whenever and wherever you are in the world. This time, keep reading if you are a bitcoin holder or you are planning to venture into bitcoin. This one’s for you!

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You may have heard of bitcoin or has it now, but did you know that this digital currency’s founder still remains a mystery until today? Since its founding in 2008, only a name Satoshi Nakamoto is coming out as the founder of the digital money mining system. However, the authenticity of this information is questionable and was never verified. It is fascinating to know that one of the most famous technology on digital currency is operating with the founders totally living in secret.

Here are the details we know about bitcoin:

  • It is not the first cryptocurrency that has ever been developed, but it may just be the most famous one. 
  • The currency on bitcoin is called “altcoins,” and although you won’t see physical altcoins, many establishments offer encashment of altcoins.
  • Bitcoins are kept through private and public keys, which work like a bank account number and ATM PIN. 
  • “Mining” is the process of solving puzzles to unlock a block to be added to a blockchain. 
  • What is a blockchain? It is a digital tracker, creator, distributor, and storage of bitcoins. 

Finally, and the most important detail: you can use bitcoins to pay. There are already a lot of companies accepting it as payment–including mph club.

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Our payment method is flexible, and we always think of what’s convenient for you. If you are cool with paying us cash once you visit our office, we’ll gladly accommodate you. Nonetheless, if you’d rather have cashless payments through different means, we also got you covered. 

The latest payment scheme we have is through any cryptocurrency. You can follow these easy steps to get started:

  • Crypto wallet: If this is your first time paying via Crypto, you need to create your e-wallet using different cryptocurrency applications available on the web or on your phones. 
  • Getting Crypto: Now that you have your wallet, it’s time to look for merchants where you can buy your preferred Cryptocurrency . 
  • Enjoy shopping: Once you get your wallet loaded, you are good to go! 
  • Final step: You are now ready to rent a Luxury or Exotic Car using Cripto–choose your car and enjoy the ride! 

You may visit our office to choose and rent one of our exotic cars, or you can also check our website and browse the photos of our fleet. We can deliver the cars to your doorsteps. Other offers we have will be explained in detail below.

Rent luxury and exotic cars with cryptocurrency blog post mph club



If you are planning to visit Miami or basically any location in the world, you can reserve any of our most coveted exotic cars in advance just to be sure the wheels are locked in just for you on that specific day.


We have also conquered the sea and now offer yacht charters. Enjoy the blue seas of Miami through our new luxury  yachts

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If you want to relax or you are attending important events and business meetings, delegate the driving tasks to our professional chauffeurs


When it comes to wedding cars, whether you are into the traditional white ones or you want to stand out through exotic cars–we also got you covered

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Enjoy special offers like 24/7 customer service and huge discounts by registering as mph club member. Your investment worth it as you’ll have access to all cars in our fleet.


Level up your employee rewards by putting luxury and exotic cars in the picture. Your top performers deserve a break. Let them ride a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, or a Rolls Royce for a day as we drive them around famous spots in Florida.


We definitely love attention and exposure, so if you have any movies, shoots, or videos coming up needing any cars–we are just a call away

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Whether you want to pay via bitcoin, or you have other payment means, mph club got you cover. If your heart really shouts for our Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458 Spider, McLaren 600LT, Rolls Royce Dawn, or a Mercedez Benz, we’ll make it happen.

All you have to do is give us a call, so we can talk about the details. You are also welcome to visit our office here in Florida, so we can give you a tour. See you very soon! Our cars can’t wait to meet you.

Check out our press release on for more information about renting a Luxury or Exotic car using Bitcoin.

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