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Coffee tables are precious adornments in the office, at home, or in any building. Many designs are available in the market to fit every interior designs’ needs, but we here at mph club have taken coffee table designs to the next level. We take our exotic and luxury car brand business seriously, we made a coffee table featuring a Ferarri’s engine. Really? Really.

You’ll see this beauty in our Headquarter office, flexing its catchy red color and the Ferrari logo of the prancing horse. Welcome to the world of mph club!

Our company promises you the total experience of exotic and luxury cars driving in every corner of our business. Outside our office, you’ll be greeted by some of the luxury and exotic cars in our fleet, and once you enter and discuss with us your car rental intent, you will have the opportunity to check out the Ferrari engine coffee table that we have. We want your transaction with us to be remarkable, and of course, we want you to be one of our valued patrons. Hence, we give you only the best—always.

We thought you’d like to have this one of a kind coffee table in your office or in your house, so this Ferrari table is definitely for sale! 

We are more than delighted for you to bring this home. If you are not within Miami but interested to purchase this coffee table, we are ready to deliver it right to your doorstep for free!

This V8, 3.9 liter twin-turbo engine came from the Ferrari California T Handling Speciale, and it is fully functional. Artists would usually use broken car parts for their art, but this $150,000 coffee table is this valuable because the engine used is brand new and in perfect working condition. It is taken out of a $300,000 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale.

If you are familiar with the revving sound or the top speed roar of a Ferrari, you’d most likely hear it in your imagination as you gaze at this coffee table.

Having a Ferrari Engine Coffee Table is the Way to Go

There are plenty of reasons why you should have this California T Handling Speciale engine coffee table. 

If you are a car aficionado or you are an exotic and luxury car collector, the coffee table will match the overall vibe of your house or office. Imagine having your exotic car collection parked in the house exterior, and the excitement does not end there as visitors will be welcomed by the elegant coffee table inside.

The California T Handling Speciale engine coffee table is definitely out of the box. You can google and search all you want for the latest coffee table that will add stylishness to your interior design, but you will not find one like what we offer.

This coffee table is custom-designed, topped by a transparent and sturdy glass top, the red and silver-colored engine and the Ferrari logo are like precious treasures. You won’t need any coffee table top designs like vases, books, magazines or ceramics as the top part of the engine protrudes to the class to become the centerpiece of the table. 

The grandest coffee table ideas these days range from rustic, authentic and vintage wood turned into a table mostly. They stand out when the designer creates a coffee table that does not follow the traditional box-type table and creates a geometric shape that is unusual in the market.

Artists use table stands from recycled or brand new steel and carbon fiber materials. The coffee table stand is another opportunity for coffee table artists to use their imagination and create designs by bending or cutting the materials to create an original output. 

Nonetheless, we are confident to say that nothing matches a Ferrari California T Handling Speciale engine coffee table, and this is the way to go to design your office or home.

How to have the Ferrari California T Handling Speciale Engine coffee table?

Our process is quite simple as always since we are here for your convenience. 

First, have a virtual look at our Ferrari California T Handling Speciale engine coffee table in our Youtube channel, and Instagram accounts. If you want to get a feel of it and see it firsthand, you can schedule a visit in our headquarter office here in Miami, and we can discuss your plans right in the table you are about to add to your luxurious collection. We are sure that you will love it, so the next process would be to purchase it.

Leave the worry of transporting the Ferrari California T Handling Speciale engine coffee table to us. We have a professional moving team that can handle the precious table with care, and they will deliver it to your doorstep safely and without a scratch. We’d like to give special attention that if you buy this coffee table—the delivery is 100% free.

Lastly, pick a perfect spot where you’ll put the glorious Ferrari California T Handling Speciale coffee table. Make sure to put it in an area where anyone who visits your place can see it. This coffee table is made for people to appreciate. Your brand new Ferrari engine coffee table would be an instant ice breaker or conversation starter to your new acquaintances or old friends. There is absolutely nothing that can perfectly match your exotic and luxury car lifestyle than this engine coffee table. 

Ready to own a Ferrari California T Handling Speciale engine coffee table? Contact us now at 888-674-4044 or visit us. 

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The most expensive coffee table in the world!!

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