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When you think of glorious views, what comes into your mind? Do you think of the sea and feel the salty breeze of the air as you bask under the sun? A breathtaking panorama of endless mountains and a sea of clouds when you reach a peak of a mountain? Do you imagine see snow-capped mountains and miles and miles of land covered in white snow?

These are some of the unforgettable views that will leave a mark in many people’s experiences, but at mph club, the definition of an illustrious sight is a fleet of luxury and exotic cars in one place. A collection of the most popular Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens, Rolls Royce, and more cars that cost millions of dollars posing just before the sun fully rises—this for car enthusiasts is a glorious view.


At mph club, the creation of this sight does not happen often, only once a year, so it is an experience of a lifetime. This day is looked forward to by every mph club staff, you would ask if they even had a great sleep with the excitement for this day.

The sun hasn’t even risen yet, but the crew is already complete at around 4 in the morning to drive the fleet of luxury and exotic cars one by one. It will give you goosebumps to see all our Lamborghini’s, Rolls Royce’s, Bentley’s, Porsche’s, Mercedes Benz’s, Ferrari’s cars lights beam before dawn, one by one lighting up the Fontainebleau Aviation runway.

Once the cars are all in the proper place, the crew waited for the golden hour of the day to get the perfect shot.

Adding grandeur to the photo is the Boeing Business Jet, which is known to be the aircraft used to transport VIPs from one place to another. The Boeing Business Jet is an excellent complement to the elegance all mph club cars emanate.

The output of the photoshoot will forever be immortalized through the photos.


All the exotic cars in the mph club fleet are represented in the photo. Like a family picture, all family members should be included. No one is left behind. Here are the cars featured in the image.


Whether you ride on an Aventador, a Huracan, or a Urus rental, you will feel royalty and power. The engine of each car is designed to take the car’s drive speed to a different level and the geometric design of each car is directed to minimize the downforce and ensure you can race if you want to. After starting the aspirated engines it will be like music to your ears.
Visit our headquarters now to get to know each of our Lamborghinis.


Drive a car that is sleek and stylish if you choose Ferrari. It revs like no other. This car will not be left behind in the photoshoot as the aura it brings in a pack of exotic cars is undeniable. You have seen in the photos how handsome Ferrari cars are, so if you want to drive one yourself, we can make it happen for you. Choose among the 488 Spider, 812 Superfast, F12 Berlinetta, 488 GTB, California T, and the Portofino cars under our fleet. Whichever your choice is, the car will give you an authentic Ferrari feel.


Since McLaren was founded in 1963, it remained a renowned name when speed and car racing became the topic. The reputation of the brand has stood the test of time and remains a car that offers speed today.
The 600LT is the flagship car of the brand in our fleet, but the other McLaren models are equally innovative and incredible. You would want to begin trying the McLaren 720s but open the doors of other McLaren cars as well for the ultimate exotic car experience.


Class, elegance, luxury, and incomparable comfort are some of the characteristics Rolls Royce cars offer. Sit back and relax while you or a chauffeur drives you to your destination.
Match the Phantom, Cullinan, Ghost, Dawn, and Wraith models with the same graceful personality and attitude. In driving the Rolls Royce, the key is to enjoy the ride. Be in no rush and make each moment count.


The Bentley cars are decorous in and out. The interior design is made to achieve full comfort of at least four passengers, driver included. The seats are covered in high-class material to ensure elegance and longevity. On the exterior, Bentley’s are at par with the elegance when parked side by side with all our exotic cars. In the photo shoot, the Bentley cars truly belonged.


Ride the car that is common in the driveways of high-end streets. Blend into the luxurious car crown or even stand out through the Mercedes Benz. You can also drive this car to important business meetings to create a lasting first impression on your newly met seniors and colleagues. The Mercedes Benz will make you look more professional. It is an excellent car to match all your business needs.


The Porsche cars on our fleet offer elegance in a ride that pleases the eyes. Awakening the spirit of an adventure seeker is the Porsche engine sound which is created by its exhaust system. The sound will give you the goosebumps and the push to ride the car and drive it.
Holding the wheels and sitting comfortably on the driving seat makes you feel that the car is an extension of your body. The inner Formula 1 racer in you will naturally come out.


If you are looking for cars that can accommodate the whole family or the whole gang, go for our Cadillac cars. Feel like Kings and Queens on the road because of the elegance of the car interior and exterior. Its engine can drive up to 200,000 miles on all types of roads because it is an all-wheel-drive type of car.
Whether you want to drive it yourself or want to experience being in the passenger’s seat, the comfort and euphoria you will get will be the same.


Only mph club does the almost impossible coming together of dozens of cars in one location. While the photoshoot comes only at least once a year, mph club is used to bringing many luxury cars in one location for different purposes.

Is there an exotic car rally? Count mph club exotic cars in. The luxury cars can also be used as backdrops and props for music videos and movies portraying a high-end lifestyle or a fearless, powerful theme. On-cam or off-cam, mph club cars are a fleet anyone can count on if they need exotic and luxury cars.

The mph club fleet has been featured several times in different music videos like that of Taylor Swift, Ozuna & Anuel AA, Young Greatness, Rick Ross, and Bad Bunny. Our cars are definitely not camera shy and love the attention it was also featured in Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.

We have also partnered and provided luxury and exotic cars to big names like Marshmello, Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Aoki, Floyd Mayweather, and Grant Cardone.

Aside from working with big names, we also want to make every car enthusiasts’ dreams come true that is why all the cars in our fleet are open for rental. You can just walk into our office or give us a call and we’d be happy to help you create an experience of a lifetime.

We are also present in many events and car rallies in and outside Miami. If you are in these events too, approach us, so we can personally show you our cars and enjoy the celebration with you.


You have seen our magnificent fleet in one photo, checked on the individual cars, and got to know the crew that will assist you. Our doors are open if you are ready to ride and drive any of our Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls Royce, and more luxury and exotic cars.

You may visit our headquarters and our team will assist you. You can even check the cars for yourself. If you want to know more about us, our offers, and our cars, you can visit our website and Youtube channel.

You may also contact us at 888-674-4044 if you have any questions or inquiries.

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