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mph club’s “In The Club” has once again come up with another escapade to remember now featuring  Josh Bader, Daniela Pusateri and our very own CEO Liram Sustiel. Get to know our team in this new episode!

People come to us because of their passion for driving and their strong desire to drive the fastest, most luxurious state of the art vehicles in the industry. With the passion for exact same things, our team entertains all our clients from different walks of life, different ages, varied nationalities and even languages and helps them get a hold of the steering wheels of their dream cars.  
Tattoos are known to be one of the practices done for self-expression and art. In this video, we had the honor of adding our company name on the back of our close friend Josh Bader, a man who shares the same passion with cars as we do. He is a walking exotic and luxury car gallery! Through the years, he has tattooed himself with logos of supercars, luxury brands and cars that are truly legendary including Bugatti, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Pagani and more! 
When we met the first time in a car event, mph club knew that he is the right fit for an out-of-the-box project we want to bring to life—having tattoos while riding in your dream car. We were more than excited to collaborate with Josh, and his willingness and eagerness to do it made it more exhilarating. 
Art, self-expression and cars. We also met Daniela Pusateri, a local tattoo artist, multimedia artist, and permanent makeup specialist based in Florida. She is the person behind creating the “mph club” tattoo now seen in the gallery of Josh’s body.  
Our CEO Liram Sustiel, Josh Bader, and Daniela Pusateri together lighted up the room with conversations about tattoos, arts, self-expression and passion for cars. Their zeal for what they do continued to echo in the place where they began doing the tattoo until the most awaited moment of doing it in a Lamborghini Aventador. 
We chose the Lamborghini Aventador, a mid-engine sports car, as the car to match the occasion because of the valiant and feisty temperament it brings immediately at first glance. “Aventador” as the name of this supercar suggests is as powerful and undaunted as a bull. 
The sound of the Lamborghini Aventador’s engine roared, so as Daniela’s tattooing machine. Throughout the tattoo Josh’s discomfort was eased sitting in the unrivaled Lamborghini Aventador. Daniela has tattooed in many different places but has never been put to the test to this extent. 
A remarkable moment worthy to be immortalized not only in photos but in vlogs like this one! We made sure that we captured the fun, the pain, the excitement and the glory of being tattooed in one of the most coveted cars in our fleet
Passion and excellence in our chosen craft. mph club is one with the passion, excellence, and fearlessness Josh and Daniela have.
Josh, undoubtedly, is extraordinary. He knows what he wants, and no distress will keep him from putting to life his vision of having more car brands tattooed on him. Most importantly, he knows how to have fun and take risks—characteristics that are a perfect match for our brands that emanate confidence, power and boldness. 
We are more than proud to be affiliated with these two. 
The Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster is all about passion and excellence. Built with V12 engine, it’s power distribution is like no other. The Lamborghini Aventador carries the DNA of every Lamborghini car. Carbon-fiber monocoque materials are used in creating this car for it to be lightweight and fast. On the inside, every detail of the cockpit and all the technologies provided for the driver are state of the art. Lamborghini Aventador is a car ahead of its time—very futuristic. 

To recap the amazing experience of tattooing mph club name on Josh’s back, we cannot let the moment pass without letting him drive the car for himself. The mph club experience is more than just renting exotics, it’s about building relationships, friendships  and lasting memories.

After hours of throbbing pain with every stroke to perfect the mph club tattoo, what other rewards would fit than a ride to this raging bull. We got in this photo four commanding elements—Josh, the dauntless car fanatic, our CEO Liram Sustiel, an expert in the field of exotic cars and luxury cars, Daniela Pusateri and the godfather of all passionate drivers and our very own Lamborghini Aventador. 
The four, although separate, their passion all beat as one inside the Lamborghini Aventador. When they ride this car and start its engine, they become one with it. As the speed continues to accelerate, so as their immersion with the car and the experience of driving one
This will surely a moment to remember for Josh, Daniela, our CEO Liram and the whole mph club team. Since this experience was a true success, we are sure that this would not be the last!
Check more of mph club’s YouTube shows and share the excitement with us as we feature different milestones and moments in the world of exotic and luxury cars. 
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