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halloween in the club

Featured in the videos and pictures below are some of the most exciting Halloween events we’ve ever attended. Prestige Imports hosts amazing events to support the exotic car community. During the month of October they put on their annual Halloween Supercar Rally event to celebrate the luxury and exotic car owners with a costume contest, food and drinks, and fun activities! Year after year we attend these events and show up with the craziest costumes you’ve ever seen. Check out below some of the costumes we have pulled off in the past. We are more than happy to share this awesome experience with our followers and fellow car enthusiasts. 

If you want to attend any of these events feel free to reach out to us to make a reservation.

Nuns and Guns

the-town-movie nuns and guns halloween event mph club exotic car rental

Dressed as the most notorious bank robbers ever depicted in movies, mph club joined another Prestige Imports annual Halloween Super Car Rally. Before Money Heist, a Netflix series about bank robbers wearing masks, The Town was a true bank robbing movie for which inspired our next costume.

nuns and guns halloween event mph club exotic car rental

Hence, at this Halloween event, we chose to dress up as bank robbers dressed up as nuns, just like in the movie The Town. Of course, for the grand entrance, we arrived in our blacked out Cadillac Escalade. Contact us to rent any of these vehicles for your own Halloween events.

Crash Test Dummies

car-crash-dummies mph club crash test dummies crew costume halloween event

Watch the full video of how we (almost) made two Ferraris crash! The video depicts our team members dressing up for the annual Halloween Super Car Rally driving two Ferrari’s directly at each other.

mph club Ferrari rental crash test dummies costume halloween event

We are dressed up to look like real life crash test dummies. Our costumes here were simple yet very realistic.

supercar run mph club crash test dummies crew costume halloween event

Make sure to watch the full video to see the two Ferrari’s actually collide! The Ferarri 458 is one of the most handsome exotic cars in our fleet. It boasts a 0 to 60 mph acceleration in just 3.2 seconds with a top speed of  210 mph. Driving this car gives you a true track feeling even when you’re simply driving down the road. In our video you will see our blue and yellow Ferarri 458, if you want to experience these vehicles for yourself make sure to reach out and make a reservation.

Reno 911

IMG_3646 reno 911 halloween costume mph club

From colorful Mario characters to your favorite under qualified police officers, we are always pushing the Halloween costume envelope. For this Halloween event, we dressed up as the character from the famous TV show Reno 911. We had each of our team members dressed up as Lt. Jim Dangle, Deputy Travis Junior, Deputy Trudy Wiegel, Deputy Frank Rizzo, Cadet Jared Reese and Sgt. Andrew Blake. This year really grabbed the attention of the Halloween Super Car Rally goers and audience. Apparently, cops do not only fit into police cars, but also Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Mclarens. Reno 911 is one of the most famous mockumentary series ever made.

mph club Reno 911 crew halloween costume Lamborghini rental

The Halloween Super Car Rally events at Prestige Imports and Lamborghini Miami are far from over. We are excited for the next event to come up with another insane costume. If you have an idea of what we should do next for this rally send us a message. We are open to suggestions.

mph club Reno 911 halloween costume Lamborghini Urus rental

Real life Mario Kart

mario-kart halloween supercar run mph club mario kart

Featured in our YouTube Channel’s In The Club episode was our best Halloween costume yet! Our very own CEO Liram Sustiel dressed up as Mario led the mph club team to bring Mario Kart to real life.

halloween super car run mph club mario kart costume

Characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Princess Daisy, Toad, Yoshi, Bowser, Diddy Kong. And Waluigi, we really tried our best to bring these characters in real life.

halloween super car run mph club crew mario kart costume

Our costumes and presence took over the event. All of the Lamborghini, Ferraris, or McLaren owner’s costume’s were no match for our real life go carts and our team of drivers.

You can also take part in the Halloween Super Car Rally event even when you don’t own an exotic car yet. Contact us now and rent one of our luxury or exotic cars in our fleet. To reserve a vehicle give us a call at 888-674-4044. You can also fill out a reservation form and one of our team members will reach out to you directly. Want to see more exotic car content? Visit our Youtube channel to check out what we’ve been up to.

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