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All vehicles need a driver as all ships need a captain. The drivers determine the routes, how fast the car will run, and the destinations it will successfully reach. Such is the role of Liram Sustiel to mph club. He is the company’s Chief Executive Officer who ensures everything works as planned and the company sails smoothly while hitting business goals each time. 

You often see him in the vlogs of our Youtube channel and in the photos in our social media account wearing a big smile and simple attires–always mingling with his people and clients. Liram Sustiel is all this brightness and more.



Ten years ago, Liram began mph club with just a single car–the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. He saw the need of people for luxury cars for movies and music video productions and the craving for high-end vacations using luxury cars. 

Today, he now has a whole fleet, but his desire to serve his clients and make every person’s hope to drive their dream car come true still remains. This is the core of his business, but he executes many strategies to ensure that mph club is at par with competitors and the changing times.


The business would not have made it for ten years if not with Liram and his team’s ability to see changes in the marketing industry and execute their own well-thought campaigns. 

mph club is now present on different social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram, and it also maintains a website and a blog they keep fresh for their loyal and new customers. The company remains relevant with the ever-changing technology, which made it successful then and now.

– Values people

His value for people is not only seen in his leadership but the way he puts himself in his client’s shoes and understands their needs. He also has a generous heart. 

A leader who listens.
The videos and photos are proof of how hands-on Liram is to his business and that includes being on the same level with his people, so they can always be aligned with company goals. Brainstorming sessions with him are not a bore as he ensures ideas are heard. He keeps himself updated with the progress of their plans through persistent, transparent communication. 

Knows his customers.
All the services offered by mph club show much Liram understands his clients.


Check mph club’s fleet and you’ll see only the best. For the cars, mph club has the best: Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedez Benz, and more. The company has also expanded to offering yachts charters that may be a part of your unforgettable experiences on the road, or at sea.


Probably the best about Liram Sustiel is his unique ideas of service offerings. Together with his team, he sets the bar higher and exceeds what he has already offered each time. 

The company began offering exotic and luxury car rental allowing anybody who wants to drive historic and exotic cars. Their offerings expanded from simple car rental to different services like the following:

  • Chauffeur services: Skip the hassle of driving as mph club got your back with the chauffeurs who will be your driver. Sit back and enjoy the ride. 
  • Partnership with media productions: You’ll see mph club cars and jets in different music videos, especially those from Taylor Swift, Rick Ross, and Bad Bunny. The glorious cars on mph club’s fleet also took over the big screen with their appearance in Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.
  • Corporate Events: Company leaders and owners can now level up rewards to their employees through an unforgettable day riding different mph club cars. 
  • Car delivery: Cars delivered at your doorsteps? This is possible with mph club. 
  • Car rental membership: Do not rent just one car, but rent as much as you can by getting a membership. There are more perks than just driving any car you want when you sign-up for this. 
  • Yacht charters: The development does not stop–mph club is now conquering the seas  with its yacht chartering services. 
  • Presence at big events: You will not miss mph club when they join different car rallies, seasonal events, and big festivals because of their eye-catching cars and roaring engines. 

These services are only possible because there is a leader that has the vision and the passion to push through these different projects and a leader that has an ear for his people’s ideas.


Now, mph club is already known in the online world having tons of organic followers. These virtual likes and appreciation converts to actual car rental of people from different walks of life. Even big names in the business and entertainment industry have started trusting mph club. They partner with the company to provide them with cars whenever they visit Miami or they need it for their events.

Some of the big names who have literally left their mark to mph club through their signatures on a Ferrari hood are these people: Steve Aoki, Tyga, Shaquille O’Neal, Floyd Mayweather, Marshmello, Jake Paul, Dan Bilzerian, and Romero Britto.

Uncountable people have already made their dreams come true of riding the cars they just dreamt of as children. Liram Sustiel shows no signs of slowing down, each project is always bigger than the previous ones. With that, plenty more dreams will come into fruition as mph club continues its car rental business.

Leaders are born not made, they say, and leadership surely runs in Liram Sustiel’s DNA as his excellent management style remains then until now. The success and continues growth of mph club are proof of his superb supervision.

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