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Was there a time in your life when you thought that you have many things to do, but there isn’t enough time? Do you often wish that there could be more hours in a day, so you would be able to do all the tasks on your plate? 

There is this one man we will talk about today who will inspire you with his time management capability. He wears different hats. He is an entrepreneur, a renowned speaker, a counselor, a coach, a book author, and more! Despite all these responsibilities, he has time to relax and does enjoyable activities like partnering with mph club for a luxurious collaboration of our exotic cars and his newest helicopter.

The man we are talking about is Grant Cardone, and just recently, his new helicopter landed in the Fontainebleau Hotel airport. 

Of course, mph club, together with three of the best cars were there to give him a royal welcome.

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When Grant Cardone arrived at the Fontainebleau Aviation, our CEO Liram Sustiel himself was there to welcome the businessman. Together with him is the mph club team and only the best cars on our fleet: the McLaren 600LT, the 812 Superfast, and Rolls Royce Dawn. All these cars perfectly matched the glory brought by Grant Cardone’s white helicopter. 

The Fontainebleau Aviation suddenly became a spot where luxury and exotic rides meet. 

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is one of the fastest Ferrari cars built to drive on the road having an 800cv output and a 12-cylinder rear engine. The architecture and design of the 812 superfast make it sleek-looking and lightning fast when driven.

grant cardone helicopter and mph club exotic car rental lineup

You’ll get the McLaren racing car’s feel and history when you grab the steering wheel of the McLaren 600LT. With its V-8 engine and 592 horsepower, you can quickly speed up to 60mph in just three seconds!

The car that spells royalty and relaxation is flaunted by the Rolls Royce Dawn. Anyone who is in for a chill but the state-of-the-art ride will have this model in mind.

All these superb cars waited for Grant Cardone’s descent from his helicopter. The best cars for the best visitor–a welcome fit for a king.

grant cardone ferrari 812 mph club


Who is Grant Cardone? Who this man is may differ depending on who you are talking to. To a businessman, he may be a mentor and a role model. To a salesperson and marketing specialists, he is the man they dream to be. To many, he is an inspiration. To some, he is a great competitor. Let’s get to know this guy who changed a number of lives by being excellent.


Grant Cardone is the author of many books about sales, marketing, leadership, and real estate. Many of his books are written to help new individuals in the world of business, sales, and marketing. Books like The Grant Cardone’s Rebuttal Manual, Negotiating and Closing Master Class, and 10 Biggest Followup Mistakes are all helpful for individuals in the sales and marketing industry.

Motivational books like 100 Ways to Stay Motivated, How to Become a Millionaire, and Rules to Success will keep your passion alive to reach your goals and your dreams. 

If you are really in to learn more about business, real estate, sales, and marketing, the Grant Cardone University offers a compilation of all the must-read books to be equipped and geared towards success.

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All these books are not only meant to be written words on paper, they also come to life especially on conferences, training, workshops, and coaching sessions with Grant Cardone himself. 

The most famous conference is the 10x Growth Conference which aims at the attendees achieving 10x more success in their business, 10x more income, and 10x more appreciation of their lives. These conferences can be accessed through recorded videos and can be attended live too. 

If you have read one of Grant Cardone’s books and was inspired, you can expect 10x more inspiration when you watch or attend one of these sessions. 

You’ll have new insights on sales techniques, marketing strategies, and business development after hearing not only Grant Cardone’s insights but also of several speakers who are experts from their respective fields.

grant cardone mph club


Whatever he says in conferences and the words on his books are not only empty words but the wisdom he got from his experience. Grant Cardone, himself, is the CEO of Cardone Enterprises, a $750 million enterprise that has reached its success by helping other businesses in their sales and marketing strategies. 

He worked with many big names like Google, Ford, Toyota, and more companies, and he partnered even with the sprouting businesses too. He is in charge of studying the company’s sales processes, checking what works and what doesn’t, and ensuring that by the end of the process, there will be a solid sales process that will take the company to success. 

His expertise is unparalleled, which made him one of the best in the field and a true influencer.

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In line with his business of helping other businesses to succeed, his charity, the Grant Cardone Foundation, also revolves on the same idea.

He says, and we quote, “We gotta teach these kids how to build and invest in the same neighborhoods they are looting and burning.”

This foundation focuses on underprivileged children. Benefactors are mentored and trained to have a mindset towards success and the skills and knowledge to reach it.

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The pleasure is all ours to have met a personality as influential as Grant Cardone. The meetup might have been short, but it was definitely worth it. When we met him, we saw a man who has reaped the rewards of his hard work and is still hustling despite the success that he has now.

liram sustiel and grant cardone mph club

More importantly, we saw a man who still has time to enjoy life and savor the rewards of his diligence. 

We, at mph club, know the meaning of strenuous work. We are more than willing to drive our best cars in our fleet to match Grant Cardone’s excellence.

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