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Mph club offers a variety of Luxury SUV rentals out of which Mercedes Benz AMG G-63 (G Wagon) and Lamborghini Urus are two of the hottest picks, as reported by our clients.

The Mercedes Benz G-63 — the crescendo in luxury and sturdiness, is meant for the people who don’t like to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

And, the Lamborghini Urus is simply marvelous. Unquestionably, it is a supreme SUV that is every bit as Lamborghini as you’d expect, but with a big difference — it’s better, and more all-purpose than the exotic Lambos.

So, if you’re looking to rent a luxury SUV, which one should you go for? Here’s our comparison between Mercedes Benz G-Wagon and Lamborghini Urus on several fronts:

lamborghini-urus-rental-vs-mercedes-benz-g63-rental-mph-club-front2 lamborghini-urus-rental-vs-mercedes-benz-g63-rental-mph-club-front


• Urus

Lamborghini is renowned for making dazzling supercars whose drivers seem so carefree that they don’t appear to need a trunk or even rear seats. Also, they don’t seem to have trouble getting in and out on all fours through the ritzy scissor doors.

Yes, Lamborghini is notorious for these fascinating race cars for the road, not SUVs. But it’ll definitely be, sooner than later. 

That is because Lamborghini Urus — the first Luxury SUV by the Italian brand has been torture tested, and proved to be remarkable not just on the track or off-road, but for everyday drives as well!

• G63

Everything about the Mercedes-Benz G63 G-Wagon‘s individuality pokes out from its foundations — the polished alloy steps running down each of its sides.

Launched across the globe in early 2018, G63 G-Wagon might not look the most aerodynamically sound at first glance, but under its skin, there’s a whole new ballgame of technology that over-delivers.

lamborghini-urus-rental-vs-mercedes-benz-gwagon-rental-mph-club-roller lamborghini-urus-rental-vs-mercedes-benz-gwagon-rental-mph-club-roller3


Urus (9/10)

The Lamborghini Urus has a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine delivering 641 HP and 627 lb-ft of torque.

The power delivery feels so phenomenal that for a second you’ll think the engine is naturally aspirated by how controllable and linear it is.

While the Urus doesn’t have a screaming exhaust tone as a V12 Aventador, the profound V8 grumble on idle and the whizz on the downshifts will let the entire road know you’ve arrived.

Aside from that, the eight-speed automatic transmission can switch its temperament from a fiercely hard-shifter in Corsa (Track) mode to velvety smooth in the Strada (Street) mode.

G63 (9/10)

The G 63’s 4.0-liter all-alloy V8 engine uses direct injection and a set of dual-scroll turbos to produce 585 HP of sheer power and 627 lb-ft of torque. To improve the gas-feed response and optimize efficiency, the turbos are placed inside the engine’s ‘V’, promoting airflow and shrinking the distance from the turbos to the exhaust side.

And, with an automatic, nine-speed, dual-clutch transmission, this Luxury SUV Rental is driven by all four wheels. The paddle shifters, coupled with a multiple downshift mechanism allows you to keep squeezing the shift paddle and go up or down multiple gears at once.

lamborghini-urus-rental-vs-mercedes-benz-g63-rental-mph-club-rear2 lamborghini-urus-rental-vs-mercedes-benz-g63-rental-mph-club-rear


Urus (9/10)

Anything fascinating about the Urus’ design? That’s like asking if there’s anything luxurious about a luxury SUV Rental. See, whether or not you like the look of Urus, you must admit it doesn’t look like anything you’ve ever seen before, right?

Urus’ design looks precisely how a Lamborghini SUV should look – from its side contour with the svelte glasshouse and hindquarters that look spring-loaded, to its eye-popping tailgate lip spoiler and Y-shaped tail-lights.

Dimensions-wise, Urus is large — it’s 5,110mm long, 1,640mm tall, and 2,180mm wide.

G63 (8/10)

This SUV rental has a unique, elevated stance, replete with pumped wheel arches and quaint flat glass, that sets it apart and draws people in. With looks oozing the persona of a luxury, yet functional powerhouse, G-63 G-Wagon attracts as many dazed stares as a low-flying supercar wedge.

Just like the classic G-Class’s solid metal door handles, another tip of the hat to the car’s heritage is the retention of the horizontal grab handle, widened arcs, and red-painted brake pads fused with the unmatched looks of the classic G-class frame.

Coming to its dimensions, G-63 G-Wagon is 4,880mm long, a bit over 1,900mm tall, and 1,800mm wide — enough to pull off a convincing impersonation of a robust vessel.

lamborghini-urus-rental-vs-mercedes-benz-g63-rental-mph-club-front-seats lamborghini-urus-rental-vs-mercedes-benz-g63-rental-mph-club-front-seats2


Urus (8/10)

The interior of Urus is exceptional and storage is fairly good!

The front seats in this SUV Rental are quite snug, offering outstanding support and comfort. Head-, shoulder- and legroom up front is plentiful, but it’s the second row that’s the most incredible — it’s got enough legroom for even a 6 ft 6 tall person!

There are two cupholders in the front and another two in the fold-down center armrest at the back. However, the main highlight is the rear climate control system, which offers separate temperature choices for left and right riders at the back, with lots of vents!

Pretty comfortable — all in all.

G63 (9/10)

Once on-board there’s plenty of room up front in this SUV Rental, with sufficient storage — having a bin between the seats, two cupholders in the center console, oddments space, and a decent glove box.

In the back, there’s plenty of headroom to spare, with abundant foot room, and no matter your height, there’ll be a considerable gap between your knees and the driver’s seat.

A fold-down armrest unites a pair of cupholders and there are map pockets on the back of the front seats as well. There’s also additional space for keeping bottles on the side of the doors.

Pretty spacious — all in all.

lamborghini-urus-rental-vs-mercedes-benz-g63-rental-mph-club-interior lamborghini-urus-rental-vs-mercedes-benz-g63-rental-mph-club-interior2


Urus (10/10)

The Lamborghini Urus is special. This SUV Rental is dynamic and quick, without being hard to drive. In point of fact, it is one of the simplest and the most comfortable SUVs you’ll ever drive, while also being one of the fastest.

The driving experience of Urus is enhanced by the imposing air suspension, which makes rides cushy, steering light, and throttle calm.

Even on pot-holed and patchy roads, the quality of the ride is exceptional, much the same as G-Wagon.

Then there’s the acceleration: 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds! Combine that with the 190 mph top speed, and your experience will be like one of those videos that are shot from the driver’s seat of a bullet train.

With braking almost as extraordinary as the acceleration, there are hardly any cars on the market that can match Urus.

G63 (10/10)

Let’s cut to the chase. The G 63 SUV Rental’s immaculate grunt overpowers its aerodynamically challenged frame to propel this boom box on wheels from 0-60 mph in a claimed 4.5 seconds. And, despite its greater width and length, G-Wagon has enough horsepower to punch a 150 mph hole in the air.

Driving experience, especially in the ‘Ride Control’ suspension setting is simply sensational. It’s no limo — you’ll still feel a little quavering over higher frequency undulations, but this SUV Rental is way, way better than most others in this regard.

Suffice it to say, the driving experience is magnificent. Especially due to its steering that is phenomenally responsive and controllable.

lamborghini-urus-rental-vs-mercedes-benz-gwagon-rental-mph-club-dashboard2 lamborghini-urus-rental-vs-mercedes-benz-gwagon-rental-mph-club-dashboard
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