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ozuna and anuel aa mph club props cambio music video hangar


The services we offer in our company are limitless—like the power, speed, and class of our cars. We do not only make car aficionados dreams come true by getting a hold of the cars in our fleet, but we also partner with different artists, music video production companies, and movie productions.

mph club luxury and exotic props ozuna and anuel aa cambio music video

Our exotic and luxury cars do not only flaunt their splendor in the streets but also on the TV screens and big screens in movie theaters through our Luxury and Exotic props.

We have compiled here some of our successful projects, and we are truly grateful for the businesses that have made our cars famous!

ozuna and anuel aa mph club props cambio music video cameras


Be carried away with the beat and relaxing vibe of Latin trap music and reggaeton brought by Ozuna and Anuel AA. Relate to the lyrics of their song “Cambio,” which talks about their common experiences of meeting people in the prime moments of their careers, losing them and eventually just staying positive and just enjoying life.

ozuna and anuel aa mph club props cambio music video production

We are much honored to be affiliated with relevant music and to be in partnership with these two artists. We provided their team exotic and luxury cars that match the singing excellence they have.

Featured in their music video are the finest members of our fleet—Ferrari 488 Spider, Lamborghini Huracan, Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari Portofino, Bentley Bentayga W12, Rolls Royce and a twinjet aircraft, Gulfstream G450.

ozuna and anuel aa mph club props cambio music video filming

Since “Cambio,” tells the story of their terrific years of being rich and famous, we provided them exotic and luxury cars for a perfect match.


We were given the honor to work with one of the most promising young rappers in New Orleans for his song “Big Tymer.” 

As the title of the song itself suggests, “Big Tymer” talks a lot about wealth, a deluxe life and hustling to earn tons of money, and what other production props would best match the song than the handsome cars and aircraft in our fleet.

mph club luxury and exotic props young greatness big tymer music video lamborghini rental 1

Young Greatness descending from a jet, surrounded by all-white Lamborghini and Rolls Royce cars truly gave an authentic big time vibe to the music video. 

If you are wondering where you’ll find the car that showed off its speed, power and control by the end of the video—well, you’ve found us! You can experience the same thrill through our exotic car rental here at mph club!


“I took my roof off at the red light” plainly mean an exotic convertible car’s roof retracting as shown in Rick Ross’ “Trap Trap Trap” song. There are so many exotic and luxury cars featured in this music video, and the glorious cars in our fleet, are of course one of them.

Adding to the extravagance of the video is our jet, which flaunted its splendor while it appeared on the music video’s background.

mph club luxury and exotic props rick ross music video

Rick Ross’ powerful and confident aura matches our cars’ well-built and perfectly-poised stance. 

Trap music is the best music played inside exotic cars, especially at top speed, but it can also be the other way around we learned while shooting this video. Exotic cars playing a role to complete a video for trap music is also a very possible scenario.


We are more than thrilled to be a part of a song, which main messages are respecting gender diversity, women empowerment and equality. mph club’s car became the center of attraction in main scenes of the music video when Bad Bunny sang and danced on top of our Rolls Royce cars. 

“Yo Perreo Sola” means “I twerk alone.” Our white Rolls Royce’s exquisiteness shined in the midst of dancers dressed in fuchsia pink flowers while they twerked and expressed the meaning of the song.

bad bunny mph club props

Music, women empowerment, advocating diversity on gender preference and cars—these characteristics are what mph club’s production is all about when we partnered with Bad Bunny in producing “Yo Perreo Sola.”


Before the music video’s vibe panned to a more behaved and love-filled frame of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, it began with a tough start featuring Miami, our yacht and our cars to ensemble freedom, risk-taking and fearlessness—temperaments Taylor Swift and rapper Future also exhibit.

tailor swift mph club luxury and exotic props

This music video shows that mph club is not only all about prime exotic cars and most deluxe luxury cars—we also offer yachts for your indulgence or as parts of productions like this one. 

mph club takes over the road, the skies and the seas.


Chipmunks and mph club? Chipmunks and exotic cars? Chipmunks and luxury cars? We told you so! The services we provide are limitless. Our exotic cars were featured in one of the scenes of the movie “Alvin and The Chipmunk: The Roadtrip.”

Shot in Miami, not far from mph club’s exotic and luxury car haven, our Rolls Royce Drop Head, BMW i8, Ferrari California and Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder are shown in the movie. They are parked outside Shelborne South Beach while Simon, Theodore and Alvin camouflaged as car emblems running for their lives from the film villain Suggs.

From trap, rap, reggaeton music videos to Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, to being featured in a chipmunk movie—mph club can be your partner whatever field you are in. If you are in need of exotic cars, luxury cars, yachts and jets for your movie, music video and other production needs, we are more than happy to be a part of your projects. 

Contact us at 888-674-4044, so we can start discussing the details. Visit our Production Props page to know more details on what we offer. Visit our YouTube channel for more production videos and to get to know us more.

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