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The Ferrari 812 superfast is an incredible vehicle. We wanted to show our clients and fans a detailed review of this rare Ferrari. Below this text you will find the entire closed captioning of our 10 min long review video.

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What’s up everybody, my name is robert rushing with mph club and we’re back with another review.

Today we have something really really special, this is the ferrari 812 superfast, and yes I said superfast, this car is incredible. It’s a v12 engine that produces 789 horsepower and 530 pound-feet of torque. 

it’s really special that we get to review this car today because there aren’t many of these cars available in the country!

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Today we’re gonna get behind the wheel and tell you what it’s like to drive this insane v12 engine. We’re gonna tell you how to use launch control and we’re gonna give you a full review.So without further ado, let’s get into the review.

All right, v12 6.5 liter 789 horsepower, 530 pound-feet of torque.  There’s a famous enzo ferrari quote and he says “when you purchase a ferrari you’re actually only buying an engine” they just include the rest of the car for you for free. And this piece of art is worth three hundred and thirty thousand dollars to start, this vehicle will be optioned all the way up to four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Our specific model is pretty close to the upper end. So today we’re going to show you a little more of what that money buys you but before we get started we had to show you this gorgeous piece of art right here the ferrari v12 6.5 liter engine

We’re about to show you the most amount of storage space i’ve ever seen in a ferrari or in any sports car. it’s crazy

With the push of a button on the door you pop the hatch exposing the giant trunk space. This design really does lend itself to being a grand touring type of vehicle. You can store everything you need from your carry-on to your extra luggage and on top of that there’s an additional luggage shelf here which has straps so if you’re driving superfast it won’t come flying at you into the cockpit. there’s just a lot of storage space. All ferraris are going to have a place where you can see all of the options. The plaque for us is on the back here. I’m going to read off just some of the options that this car comes with.

Carbon fiber racing seats, Carbon fiber driver zones and led, Carbon fiber essential bridge, Carbon fiber door panels, Carbon fiber, Carbon fiber, there’s a lot of carbon fiber on this car…

* Connor Mcgreggor quote :

“I’m feeling real good, i’m not there’s no pain, no stiffness, i’m loose, i’m super i’m energetic, i’m fast and dangerous”.

Okay so here we wanted to show you uh, absolutely nothing we just thought it was a cool angle and i wanted to show you that this car is gorgeous. 

let’s check out the wheels, you have 20 inch rims, a gorgeous red brake caliper, and the yellow ferrari emblem right here in the middle. These tires are 275s and you have 315s in the back. The ratio is 275 to 35 and 315 35. All four tires have the 20 inch rim and we’re gonna find out exactly how it rides right now…

Wow so there’s a lot to this car, what you guys are probably most excited to find out is what it really sounds like to turn on a v12 italian engine. So what we’re about to do is press the gorgeous stunning engine start button but right before we do that don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to mph club on youtube channel. it really helps the growth of our channel a lot and without further ado…

Okay for real this time…

So I think i’m the only person in the office who does not love the lamborghini aventador. I think v12s are too loud to really enjoy but this car has totally changed my mind. I like the Huracan a lot and similar to the Ferrari world, I like the 488 a lot. The engine is so freaking powerful without it screaming obnoxiously at you like the Aventador does. That’s just my personal opinion, I know a lot of people love that. But this v12 is a totally different story. It’s not crazy in your face all the way until you are going an insane speed. So right when you want it to be loud, it is. And when you’re cruising it’s really comfortable. It’s surprisingly comfortable and I do prefer this.

So, here is a little more of the cockpit view. Everything you need to control the car has really been placed right here at your fingertips. it’s very f1 styled so you don’t need to worry about control sticks here or arms over here. Everything you need is right here. You’ve got your turn signals placed right under your thumbs, you have your high beams, you have your engine start. You have a button right here which controls the suspension system so if you’re ever going over a bumpy road all you have to do is tap this once and it actually engages a bumpy road suspension system. So this is how you protect yourself when you’re going over those types of roads.

Over here this is your voice command button. This is how you pick up or hang up a phone call. This is how you switch driving modes and we usually live this on sport but today we’re going to go over the wet mode, what it’s like in race mode, and when you turn traction control off, and when you turn all emergency safety controls off.

Over here you have your windshield wiper, the speed of the wiping. and your carbon fiber shifters here. There’s a couple features we want to show you if you’ve never driven a ferrari before. Something quick to know is if you want to switch this car into neutral you want to use both of these shifters at the same time. Do that once and it should put you in neutral. You’ll tap it one time to go into first and that’s the same thing as going into drive. So once you’re in drive this engages any of the driving modes you’ve toggled through. Here the only things that aren’t on your driving mode and that you access with the shifters is putting yourself in reverse where you’ll see a green reverse button. Click this one time to put the car into reverse and then something really cool happens. On the right display screen you’ll actually see a 3d rendering of the 812 superfast in real time. It’s really really cool. Let’s go back to drive, you can use either shifter and just click it one time and you’re in first gear. Just to recap, clicking them both one time puts you in neutral. When you’re about to get out of the car you put your car in neutral and then you engage the parking brake which is right here. You pull this one time and the car is parked and you’re good to go. Something else really cool about this vehicle is the handle. It’s really unique. What happens is, when this recognizes when your fingers are under it and it drops the window by about half an inch. And then you open it with a click. So just another feature which makes this car super sick.

Now we’re in the 812 superfast in the cockpit and we’re going to show you how to engage launch mode and how to do it properly. It’s not really intuitive so i’m going to explain everything step by step but please before we get into this be very careful make sure you’re on a controlled road, there’s not a lot of variables, somewhere safe. Cannot stress this enough guys please be safe. So on the steering wheel you have all of your driving modes, what you’ll want to do first is switch it to traction control off and then you’ll slide it to emergency control off. Once you hold it for about three seconds you’ll hear those three dings and it’ll show on the left dash escape off which is emergency control systems are off. Next what you’ll want to do is on the center bridge you’ll see a button that’s labeled ps. You click this one time right before you’re about to launch, this will allow you to rev at a higher rpm while your foot is still on the brake.

So a launch is you have power at your fingertips and then you let go of the brake to extremely quickly distribute this power so what we’re going to do is make sure you have your hands on the steering wheel 10 and 12, put your left foot on the brake pedal, and put your right over the gas pedal. You’re going to press the button one-time until on the dash you see the letters ps. Right under your first gear, then you give it throttle, and you’ll notice now the car will let you go past 2000 rpm. Before you launch you really want to get right under 3000 rpm, that’s kind of the safe spot for this car.

Okay guys before we do this for real I cannot repeat myself enough, be safe, wear your seatbelt, don’t be stupid, but this is how you can properly enjoy an italian sports car.

Oh that’s incredible, oh my god. I gotta tell you i’ve been on some of the world’s fastest roller coasters and this is scarier and faster. I’ve even been to Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi and I’ve ridden their roller coaster. I know it’s the fastest rollercoaster in the world but this is scarier. It definitely feels faster.

Okay guys this concludes our review of the Ferrari 812 Superfast. This car is incredible and if you want to get behind the wheel for yourself make sure to reach out to mph club. Whether you’re in Miami, south Florida or anywhere in the country we ship vehicles and deliver them nationwide, so reach out to us over any of our social media platforms our call our toll-free number down in the description below. Don’t forget to like these videos guys please and subscribe if you like this type of content. It helps our channel grow a lot.

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