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Lamborghini as a brand has grown into a space in our minds previously held by idols and superheros. Their flagship model deemed the aventador strikes fear and curiosity into the eyes and hearts of the beholder. Greater than the base model, the Aventador is further pushed to its evolved form called the Aventador S Roadster.

This vehicle takes the brilliance of one of the world’s greatest vehicle manufacturers and pushes the boundaries of what makes a supercar super. When engineering a vehicle into a roadster, you give the driver a feeling and sense of freedom. An open air cockpit lets you hear and experience the full wrath of a roaring V12 while the wind dances around you.

The Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster comes with two hard top panels to encapsulate the driver and the cockpit when open air driving is not preferred. The removal and assembly of these parts are not as obvious as you’d hope. These two roof panels are very expensive so before you try converting the vehicle for yourself please read through this full article and/or watch our Youtube video on this topic below.

Step 1

Open the front trunk of the vehicles so you have a place to put the panels after you lift them. 

Step 2

Ensure the latches which secure the panels are lowered and prepped to receive the panels.

Step 3

Walk to the driver’s side first and reach behind the driver seat to find a latch to adjust the seat. Pull the seat forward to expose the next set of latches.

Step 4

Notice the black and red latch connecting the roof panel to the car. Pull the black latch first and then the red to release the roof panel.

Step 5

Use one hand to lift the underside of the panel and one hand to secure the panel. Lift the driver side panel off of the car and walk to the front trunk.

Step 6

Notice the colored and numbered stickers on the panel and line them up with the matching stickers inside the front trunk.

Step 7

Place the panel in the appropriate slot and gently press the panel down to click into place.

Step 8

Ensure the second set of latches are prepped and moved into position inside the front trunk to receive the second passenger’s side panel.

Step 9

Repeat steps 3-7 for the passenger’s side panel to ensure everything is secured properly.

This entire process is repeated in reverse when placing the panels back onto the vehicle.
Please make sure to remember that the driver’s side panel is removed first and the passenger’s side is removed second. And similarly, you put on the passenger’s side panel first before the driver’s side panel. If you are still not sure about the roof and are renting one of these amazing vehicles from us just ask your sales representative to demonstrate before you take possession of your vehicles.


What’s up everybody my name is Robert Rushing. Today we’re gonna review in the 2020 Aventador S roadster. This car is insane. It’s a five point six liter (*6.5) v12 naturally aspirated engine. We’re gonna go over all of the cars features. We’re gonna take it on the road tell you what we think. It wouldn’t be a Lamborghini without hexagonal geometric design found throughout the entire car. You can see these hexagonal glass panels let you look straight into the engine bay. You can also see this very tiny window lets you look into the driver’s cockpit. This piece here is actually your active spoiler. This changes as you drive to give you the most amount of downforce. The Aventador S has a brand new exhaust system. The same geometrical design totally been re-engineered and this system is actually 40 pounds lighter than the Aventador exhaust system. Faster Lighter Racecar. So on the Aventador S is a little different we have the same air vents from the Aventador model except on the Aventador they only open when the engine is overheating, On this version we have carbon fiber air vents that are always open so your engine is constantly being cooled because, race car. There are a ton of ways to tell the difference between an Aventador and an Aventador s besides the obvious badging. You can tell by these gorgeous rims. This model has a center lock in the middle because…race car.  Our model has black brake calipers. The darker color calipers are really nice because as you use the Aventador more you can’t actually see the brake dust. And in the car like this you definitely use the brakes.

Looking at the nose of this car feels like you’re looking dead into the eyes of a bull and realized you’re wearing the wrong colored shirt. Inspiring and terrifying at the same time. This is the dead giveaway right here that this is an Aventador S. This bumper splitter in this cross line right here really the giveaway. 

This massive engine is capable of producing 740 horsepower and 509 pound-feet of torque. 

So now we’re gonna show you how to take the roof off the Aventador s Roadster.

If you’re renting a car in Miami you absolutely want to show off for the top down.

I’m going to show you exactly how to do that step by step and it’s important that you follow the steps exactly how we’re about to layout because these parts are very expensive.

So step one you’re gonna want to open the front trunk to make sure once you lift this piece off the roof you have a place to put it. Behind the driver’s seat is a handle. You’re gonna want to pull it to move the seat forward and it’ll expose this latch. up here you want to pull the black latch and then the red to release the top. Take the matching numbers and colors in order and put them in the corresponding spots inside the trunk.

Now that the first pieces in there are three pieces you want to make sure in place. Before you put the second panel in you’ll want to pull this red tab. This acts as a cushion between the two panels. 

This is probably the coolest car I’ve ever had to get in and out of. This is insane and striking. My first thoughts getting in this car are just blown away with how much carbon fiber detailing there is. Everything in here is super premium like you’d expect. The obvious first thing your eyes are drawn to are the center console with this Red engine start button. 

That is so exciting it’s just like in Star Wars when the music hits and that first like super loud. So just looking at all these controls it can get a little intimidating but we’re gonna break it down for you right now. This is where you turn on your insane v12 engine. Here right above it you have the different

driving options. It starts in strata which is a more comfortable ride and these two arrows here let you toggle through the different modes. So right next to it is sport which we like to drive in most of the time. And right next to that is Corsa which is Italian for course (*race). This is like when you’re on a track. And then next to that you have ego. Ego is a new mode that lets you the driver program exactly how you want the car to handle. Everything from powertrain for the steering and suspension. You can make it exactly the way you want. So it’s super cool feature. These two on the far left and far right are your windows. This button right here is your front lift gate. So this will lift the front of your car when you need to clear obstacles. We’re gonna do that now. 

So to the right of your steering wheel you’ve got three buckets right here. Two of which you can  programm after options for whatever you end up doing to your car. This tiny window here which opens up to the engine bay and while you’re driving it actually makes the engine a lot more present you can hear it louder. This is where your parking brake is. This button puts the car into reverse and this is how you toggle from automatic to manual.

Okay we’re about to see what this car can really do.

holy Sh*t, Oh I was not ready! Actually there was a little bit of a lag there. 

On the straightaways this car is insane. I’ve never felt that much torque. I’ve never experienced that much horsepower. On straightaways this is the best car I’ve ever experienced. Are you allowed to do a review video without words because I legitimately feel speechless. I feel like I have to recuperate a little bit. Like, let me gather my thoughts a little bit that was a little jarring. I mean that’s that’s what you want out of a Lamborghini man, and if you’re looking for that startling terrifying fun experience the Aventador roadster is perfect.

Okay guys so we’re out of sunlight and out of time. However I just wanted to touch on the driving experience of this car. It’s straight-up terrifying from start to finish. I know the amount of horsepower you feel on takeoff that adrenaline that pumps through your system is ever-present throughout your entire Drive. there is no moment where you’re not constantly reminded that you’re in a race car, and I have nothing but good things to say about this car.

However you can’t really experience what this car can do legally on the streets. Put in this car on a track you’d be able to actually push it and experience some of the numbers at this car boasts like the 740 horsepower

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